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Timothy Henry Gray, a homeless man, died under a railroad overpass in Wyoming – just before learning he stood to inherit $19 million from a reclusive New Yorker.

Eccentric Huguette Clark (pictured) who died in 2011 and left nothing of her $300 million fortune to her family in her will, but relatives challenged the document.

That meant her great-nephew Gray, 60, stood to inherit $19 million.

Al Matthews in Aliens

Sadly, children playing on sleds discovered Gray’s body in the snow on Thursday. The former cowboy died of hypothermia in the 10-degree Evanston, Wyoming weather.


The death of his 104-year-old relative caused a flurry of media attention because of Clark’s wealth and reclusive nature, which evoked comparisons to Howard Hughes.

She hadn’t even been photographed since 1930.

Clark was the daughter of United States Senator and industrialist William Andrews Clark, who made a fortune in copper and other ventures.

Although she dabbled in art and once exhibited her paintings, Clark distrusted family members and strangers because she feared they were after her money.

The fate of her fortune is still unclear.