Kate Middleton Nurse Suicide: Jacintha Saldanha Photo Released, Investigation Underway

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The first photo of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who committed suicide after falling for a prank call involving Kate Middleton, has been released by Scotland Yard.

Saldanha passed away hours after being duped by the Kate Middleton prank call, in which two Australian DJ's pretended to be Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.

Jacintha Saldanha Pic

Scotland Yard sent out the haunting snap-shot of Saldanha, the nurse on-call at King Edward VII Hospital in London, and whose demise is now under investigation.

The 46-year-old's death is currently listed as "unexplained."

An autopsy will be held next week, according to authorities.

Saldanha's family said in a statement: "We are deeply saddened by the loss of our beloved Jacintha. We would ask that the media respect out privacy at this difficult time."

The Australian radio station behind the call also issued a statement Saturday, stating it did nothing wrong and there was no way to have foreseen the tragic outcome.

Mel Greig and Michael Christian

The two DJ's have suspended themselves from the air.

Police in London have contacted their Australian counterparts about speaking with the two radio personalities, Mel Greig and Michael Christian, about the case.

While the station claims it did nothing wrong, Greig and Christian's call, which helped reveal details about the Duchess of Cambridge's health, was certainly marginal.

Nick Kaldas, deputy commissioner for New South Wales Police said: "It hasn't been indicated to us that an offense has occurred and they have not actually asked for anything yet.

"They've simply touched base, let us know of their interest and they will get back to us if they actually want something done. Nothing has been requested of us yet."

"As our colleagues in London continue to examine events leading up to the death of Jacintha Saldanha, we will be providing them with whatever assistance is required."

For what it's worth, the DJs have so far remained tight-lipped after the incident, but are receiving "intensive psychological counseling" to deal with the tragedy.

A spokeswoman said that Australian the pair would be speaking with the media, but when would depend on their state of mind, which was described as "fragile."

Maria v munoz

First of all, we don't have all the facts to jump to conclusions. She is Hindu, a woman, and she was found hung by a scarf. Hindus abhor suicide, women rarely commit suicide by hanging, let alone a Hindu woman. The 3 notes found could have been forgeries. We don't know yet. Let them do the investigation, and then we can talk. But anything less than empathy for her and her family is evil. As far as the 2 who made the call. It is illegal to pretend you are someone else and attempt to get personal medical info about someone no matter where you live. Those 2 definitely feel guilt because they are guilty. Pranks are not legal, ethical or kind. Anyone who states otherwise has no morals.


I know she must of been under pressure from her job, the media, and the queen herself. But to take your own life over this. Maybe the royal family should get off there high horse to. Im sick of the media attention around them, they are nobodys themselves they are just equal people like the rest of the world. The radio station needs to be sued and closed down they have done nothing but tell the media how they cant be sued and they sre going to get legal advice. And why so much flurry over the royals in the first place!?! I bet she was under pressure by them to. Everyone is wrong here!!


This whole senario is absurd. I don't think the prank call is the reason why she killed herself, if she killed herself... the whole idea is really stupid... oh please...


Its not the DJs fault the nurses commited sucide. People commit sucide all the time and what- someone is to blame everytime someone killd themselves? Maybe she was looking for a reason. She made that decision to kill herself. Its not that bad what she done people lose family to murder, war and they dont kill themselves they will never be the same but find someway to move forward killing yourself over a mistake stupid. I have felt like commiting sucide before but I have children too and It is selfish to commit sucide i would never kill myself while my children are on this planet. Didnt she think of her family? Sure her career was probably over but she could have moved forward in life? God condems sucide. So what everytime someone commits suicide somone should be blamed. My brother commited sucide 5 years ago and noone knows why. we have to live with it forever so is it our falt? maybe ?i dont know but HE made that DECISION and we can never change that


this is so sad.
she was simply too serious about her job.


One day, someone's daughter here will fall in love to a man that can be a member of the royal family. The children of that couple will wake up in this world, a royal and with duties that goes with it... Can we blame these people? What have they've done wrong being in this situation? They didn't put themselves there.


I hope the two do not blame themselves for this tragic twist of events!! I bet they are devistated but in all honesty how could they of known? Entertainment is suppose to be spontaneous - and they were just doing what they love to get paid to do... Entertain! I hope they can forgive themselves and find thier way back doing what they love to do! I am sure they are great people


A life ended over someone like Kate Middleton is a life wasted!


I work with many Indian companies, and with time I leaned to re-shape my comments when something was not right. I had people fired by their bosses because they failed to respond an email, and had youngesters working 20 hours with non-stop and no sleep because I complained of missing information. She possibly was called by her supervisor, which is normal. Her reaction, if suicide is proven, would be the expected result.
Also, if the prank was done in other circumstances, with other people and the answering person was indeed mentally ill, and the result was the same, would you blame the DJs or not? Doesn't this show an IMPRESSIVE lack of respect and compassion towards your fellow men? Invading someone's house or workplace just for a laugh? Would you like that if you had a depressive person in your family and he/she was the subject receiving the call? Or if you receive a cut in your bonus due to something like that?
I honestly hope that they get what they deserve. This is NOT light-hearted entertainment, it is destructive psychopathic behaviour, and broadcasted worldwide. Would you like that?
I cannot stand the bullying that the poor nurse is receiving by people like you after her death. In the cold light of the day, yes, it was her choice. In the cold truth of facts, the inconsequential, irresponsible DJs should donate their yearly salaries to her family, because they showed a TOTAL lack of respect for ANYONE but themselves. And they will live with that forever.
Some are saying that the female DJ has become suicidal. Now she knows what is to feel harassed.

Maria v munoz
@ Reggie

Good for you Reggie! Your comment is the only one here that makes any sense.

@ Reggie

What a pity to see the life an innocent woman to be wasted over someone like Kate Middleton! This girl really needs a real job! What is she good for anyway? It is a joke!

@ uglyworld

She clearly didn't commit suicide to defend Kate Middleton. It can be other patient. This is about a reaction of someone who is a victim of people fooling around invading people's privacy and the nurse probably felt responsible. It can be other patient. Also, it's not Kate's fault that she became a princess, she just happened to marry a prince.

@ Reggie

Something really horrible has happened to this nurse behind the closed doors that lead to her suicide! Stop being so judgmental about her Indian background and the nonsense you talk about the DJs! The Hospital is responsible so is the Royal family! The nurse was most likely harassed and mentally tortured. This nurse say nothing on the phone and revealed nothing. She just transferred the call! What kind of a royal hospital does not have a protocol to answer the calls anyway? Now they are attacking the DJs!


The nurse was Indian, and if you had any contact with the Indian culture you would know that they take their duties VERY SERIOUSLY, just like the Japanese culture do. The idiotic DJs forgotten that we live in a multicultural city that is London, and different cultures react differently to bullying. She felt she failed her employers and patients, possibly. and if this was indeed suicide, the reaction could even be foreseen.
Hope that these idiots remember that the world is not made only of thir shallow and stupid lack of concepts. People with dignity react when they feel they have failed the ones that rely on their responsibility.

@ Reggie

Reggie, if people from India take their job so seriously, as you say, then she should not have been so irresponsible to release personal info to a random person on the phone for such a public figure. It's her own fault she didn't follow proper protical. Don't blame the Aussies for her death. They did nothing to cause her to kill herself. It's a very sad situation, but she did it to herself!

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