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Friday’s apparent Brooke Mueller overdose was nothing of the sort, Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife says … she was just exhausted from a jewelry-making bonanza. Seriously.

Brooke was found unresponsive at 11 a.m. that day and her assistant called 911; Mueller was rushed to a nearby hospital and discharged a few hours later.

The assistant mentioned Brooke Mueller’s history of drug abuse when she was talking to the 911 operator, but later said, “I made a mistake … I overreacted.”

Did she? Understandably, friends and family members, including her mother, have been very worried about Brooke’s drug abuse for the past couple of weeks.


One can understand why they’d be skeptical of her explanation – that she’d been making jewelry nonstop for the past several days and passed out due to exhaustion.

The 35-year-old’s jewelry-making binge also explains the nasty, sketchy, charred-looking black marks all over her hands (above), according to Brooke.

It’s just black spray paint, which she uses to make the pieces.

Why she didn’t wash her hands before heading out in public looking spaced out (above), we can’t say, but Mueller says she’s been sober for months now.

For some reason, few seem to fully take her word for that.

You believe Brooke Mueller’s side of the story?