Kate Middleton Prank Call Leads to Nurse's Suicide at Hospital

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A member of the nursing staff at King Edward VII Hospital in London reportedly committed suicide after falling for a phone hoax about the pregnant Kate Middleton.

Two Australian DJs apparently phoned the hospital pretending to be Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, the grandmother and father of Prince William.

The DJs were dispatched to the Duchess of Cambridge's personal nursing staff and were given private details regarding the mother-to-be's condition and care.

The distraught nurse who was found dead was the person who initially put the call through to Kate Middleton's ward. The family has since been contacted. 

The radio staff apologized for the prank on Wednesday in light of the tragic news and stated that "it was done with light-hearted intentions."

This is deplorable and it's safe to say there is nothing light-hearted about this incident. Our thoughts and prayers are with the nurse's family.

UPDATE #1: Law enforcement sources are NOT conducting a criminal investigation into the nurse's death at this point, and believe there was no foul play.

An autopsy is expected to be conducted in the next few days.

Meanwhile, Kate and William's rep said "Their thoughts and prayers are with Jacintha Saldanha’s family, friends and colleagues at this very sad time."

UPDATE #2: The two Australian DJs behind the Kate Middleton hospital prank that led to the suicide of a nurse are suspending themselves effective immediately.

Southern Cross Austereo says "SCA and 2Day FM are deeply saddened by the tragic news of the death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha from King Edward VII’s Hospital."

The DJs are reportedly both "deeply shocked" over the tragedy.

The company adds, "SCA and the hosts have decided that they will not return to their radio show until further notice out of respect for what can only be described as a tragedy."


really?? fuck the royal family!! they should all kill themselves.that nurse was 10 times more useful than the fucking queen and her jizzbucket of a family!


i feel xo sorry for that nurse but i dont think wat she did was right she had a life ahead of her.but i also think the djs should dearly repent


But yes, my thoughts definitely go out to the poor family of the nurse. Hope the media won't bother them too much.


There may be more to this story but just by reading this article, why would she do something so drastic?
Was it because the hospital blamed her too much for the incident? In my opinion it's nothing to be humiliated about since there are people in the world who can't be bothered to care about Kate Middleton's pregnancy. Other than that, so what if the world knows some details about Kate's pregnancy? They are just a Royal Family. They pretty much live a privileged life by the taxes from the citizen, so these citizens have the right to know few things.

@ Corn

i wish people lyk u show up more in dis world


She was not in danger of losing her job the hospital was on her side but being humiliated around the world is enough to drive any normal person to suicide she a nurse not in pr the dj's should have thought before they acted


It is sad and the fact that in a sense she broke HIPPA laws, because even commenting on a patient's status to someone who is not family or has consent is illegal. Even tho the hospital was on her side, had they pushed to fire her that is something that can ruin any nurses chance at working at a hospital. Poor thing. The Djs should pay for her funeral.


I smell a conspiracy...


Why would she commit suicide over this though? It's not like her mistake of the hoax led to any real problem. The pranksters outed thmselves, so we know they weren't trying to get to Kate for any bad intentions. I can imagine this nurse was reprimanded and she probably felt shame, but that's so terrible to end her life over something so insignificant in the grand scheme of things as this.

@ Kats

She had to have something else on her records, maybe she is known for giving out information. Either way i stil do not understand her suicide, it's not like she was cyber bullied!

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