Kate Gosselin Owns Jon, Gets Christmas With the Kids

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Jon Gosselin won't be seeing his kids on Christmas, because according to mother Kate Gosselin, the kids are now old enough to choose - and THEY CHOSE HER!

Kate Gosselin Smiling

"They're at the age now where we ask them," Kate told omg! Yahoo. "So they basically dictate it and they want to be home Christmas and the days surrounding it."

Kate, 37, has primary custody of their eight offspring, but the kids have typically spent Christmas Eve with Jon Gosselin and then Christmas Day with her.

Not the case here in 2012.

No word on what Kate, who was recently offered a nude TV show, plans on getting the kids this year, or whether her nemesis Robert Hoffman will be attending.

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People stop downgrading kate.


saw Jon and the kids out shopping today.. it's December 23rd, so he's obviously getting some Christmas time with them


Kate needs to GROW UP so her children could have a
"REAL" parent to listen to.


Man i saw this douche at crazy horse last night! Even if he's not going be there for christmas at least spend those ones your throwing to your kids.


I think she is telling a white lie. I think Jon got the kids for Thanksgiving and she got them for Christmas. I doubt the kids decided. It's simply the custody agreement. I can't stand people who tell white lies like that


Oh my, the lying and abusive mother of 8 needs her meds, laugh out loud! She is so insane she still thinks people care and her mean and self centered behaviors.


I feel sorry for those kids with a selfish mother like Kate.


If all of those poor kids chose to be with Kate instead of Jon for Christmas...then I have the ability to fly...NOT NOT NOT!!!!! Kate probably manipulated, forced and (most of all) bullied those poor kids into spending Christmas with her. KATE GOSSELIN=WHACK-ASS HO!!!!!


surprise: THEY STILL AREN'T BROKE, folks?

@ baja

It only figures Kate Goselin, the self proclaimed good mother, wants to give this dysfunctional tabloid life to her children, just sayin.

@ baja

These deadbeat families will never be broke because there will always be another family member with super unethical and bad behaviors to be exploited in the tabloids, yep, like Kate and Linsday and Michael Lohan, LOL!


Gosselins and Lohans = train wreck and they just do not get it?