Tony Parker, Tim Duncan Hold Guns to NBA Ref's Head in Halloween Party Photo

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In a photo the San Antonio Spurs probably wish didn't leak, Tony Parker and Tim Duncan can be seen at a Halloween party with someone dressed as referee nemesis Joey Crawford.

They are holding their toy guns to “Crawford’s” head.

Tim Duncan and Tony Parker on Halloween

Given the Spurs' recent controversy - they were fined $250,000 for sitting Duncan, Parker and two other stars against the Heat Thursday - the timing is less than great.

It's unclear how or when the picture ended up on Reddit, but wow.

Duncan and Parker holding guns to the head of someone dressed as an NBA official? Hilarious as Halloween costumes go, but David Stern is likely to have an aneurysm.

We see another DNP in their future ... involuntary this time.

Incidentally, Duncan appears to be The Punisher, and Parker's eye patch is a nice touch, considering the injury he suffered in last spring's Chris Brown-Drake fight.

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