Justin Bieber Snaps iPhone Pics in Concert, Gets Sort of Mad at Fans

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Justin Bieber grew a little testy with fans during a concert at Madison Square Garden last night.

But he really had no one to blame but himself.

The very cute singer grabbed a fan's iPhone and had some fun snapping photos of himself and the crowd... only for others in attendance to then start tossing their phones on stage for the same reason.

The Biebs initially laughed it off, but then got legitimately peeved after awhile, threatening to break and/or steal these people's gadgets. He was sort of kidding, but watch below: he was sort of not:

In other Justin Bieber news, it's pretty clear he is back together with Selena Gomez.



@ rauan



Hello ? May be he got angry on some of his fan.
But i don't think so that this was his angry reaction.


last night? dec1? he was having a concert in roger centre, toronto. how come he had a concert in madison at the same time?


And girls like him why exactly? He's clearly an immature asshole. If he snatched my phone away from me, I'd climb on stage and deck him for stealing.

@ Miho

ok maybe i said some wrong things about justin i called him a jerk but i found the real him he is funny, smart, talented, effervescence and intellegent.
HE loves his fans he will never disrespect them, you might be wondering why i am saying this even though i hate him but he diserves everything he has beautiful mother, great friends (ryan butler and Chaz somers) well i just want to apologize for everything i said about him I AM VERY SORRY he kind of did a bet in the past so i still didn't forgive him sorry to all his fans


that's why mentally grown up's aren't fan.


U are the best I am 8 My hart beats so fast wen I hear u or see u u are the best . This is my Nanas email but I cane yous it it is ok I wish I cane see u in concert but I can never get tickets Maby nixt time ....by for now love Haley xoxo I licke your phone ...


This very young lady is so confused as to her sexual identity. She loves to pretend that she can date several women when she cannot even take care of herself! She should be institutionalized.


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