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Britney Spears turns 31 today. 31!

If it seems like a lifetime ago that we first fell in love with her, that’s because it sort of was. If you recall Britney Spears circa 1998-2003, you know what we mean.

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021

In her 31 years, she’s been through almost that many scandals.

She burst on the scene and became an all-time icon. She’s gone wild, then mellowed out. She’s been on top, hit rock bottom, then risen to the pop zenith once again.


Through it all, she’s entertained, and she’s captured our hearts.

From musical, fashion and celebrity gossip standpoints, there is only one Britney Spears, and we’re thrilled to wish the pride of Kentwood, La., the best today.

Hopefully, fiance Jason Trawick and Britney are working through whatever rough patch they’re said to be in, and can enjoy this very special December 2.

Have a great 31st birthday, babes, and always know that BS Nation has your back 310 percent. Click to enlarge THG’s tribute in Britney Spears photos below!