Justin Bieber Facing Ban from Philippines Over "Distasteful" Manny Pacquiao Comments

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Justin Bieber is facing a couple odd controversies at the moment.


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    What goes around , comes around.Hey JB your turn will come and you can hear the loudest laugh when times come. Just be a teen ager and grow up normally so you won't hear other people laugh at you in the near future. Go to school even how rich you are you really have to learn about life and education.


    Dude, you guys gotta admit it is pretty mean that bieber did that. And I think it's freaking awesome he may get banned. But still, I must say it was a joke. Go Filipinos!

    @ Lexi

    Ha Ha those congress men are weak weak cause they let a little American boy get under their skin so easy!!


    justin bieber is a good person so if he dont like the boxer then thats his personal opinion he shouldent say sorry for having an opinion

    @ bleber forever

    one of them!


    I'm not a Bieber fan, but, come on! It's a joke! Get over yourself, Pac-Man!


    I think this is stupid, people everywhere mock the person/people who lost against their favorite player/team. Just because Justin's famous he isn't allowed to be a normal human being? And he's being accused of animal cruelty because he gave his hamster away? At least he didn't keep it knowing that he's too busy to care for it properly.

    @ Tori

    i agree with you


    it's not a matter of the Philippines being sensitive...it is a matter if a stupid person making fun of somebody who has been down. US is about anti bullying--is this not a form of bullying through using ur popularity to attack another person in his vulnerable moment.when ur fucked up and nobody cares for ur stupid songs...hope this does not happen to you.

    @ angel

    "The US is about Anti-Bullying" Aah yes that's why they have hundreds of shootings everywhere and their government isn't doing shit to stop it :) The US couldn't care less if you were getting bullied.

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