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If you've ever seen photos of Floyd Mayweather posing with cash, then you know the man has a lot of money, and he enjoys nothing more than sharing that fact with his millions of Instagram followers.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Photograph

But while snapping a selfie next to a stack of Benjamins and posting photos of $72 million in checks may be the most direct methods of saying, "Hey everyone, I'm really rich!" Floyd has recently been getting more creative with his crass displays of wealth.

And we thank him for it!

In case you don't have the few seconds to enjoy the best thing the web's had to offer since Grumpy Cat, that's a video of ten strippers vigorously twerking for Floyd, who watches intently while lying in bed in a pair of boxer shorts.

We were hoping he'd be a briefs man just for the irony of it ...

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Justin Bieber is getting ready for his next bout with the paparazzi.

In a pair of new photos posted to the social media service Shots, the singer is in the gym with Floyd Mayweather, sparring with the world champion in one image and hitting the speed bag while shirtless in the other.

“@floydmayweather is my trainer” and “Me and the champ @floydmayweather training tonight,” Justin wrote as fairly obvious captions.

  • Boxing with Bieber
  • Justin Bieber in Training

Bieber has actually accompanied Mayweather to the ring for multiple past fights.

He's also enjoyed a spa day with Mayweather, getting both a manicure and a pedicure with the star athlete back in May.

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In case you weren't aware, Floyd Mayweather has a lot of money. So much money, in fact, that his nickname is "Money."

So much money that when 50 Cent claimed Mayweather can't read, the Champ basically responded, "So what! I can read checks!"

And yes, so much money that he's allowed to act like this in public:

In case you can't tell, that's Floyd berating a woman for not knowing who he is and then declaring himself "The Money Man!" Try pulling crap like that if you didn't make $105 million last year. (We're kidding. Don't do that. It'll end badly.)

But that's one example of what you can do when you make Mayweather money. Other perks include private jets, constant toadying from impoverished lackeys, spa days with Justin Bieber, and taking selfies with all your loot:

Floyd Makes a Deposit
"Anyone want some of this cake?" Floyd asked with this shot. Um...yes, please?

Yes, Floyd likes to pose with his Benjies. We're not sure why. Maybe hanging a giant neon "Rob Me!" sign outside your house is considered tacky these days.

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According to indisputable video evidence, Ray Rice knocked out his then-fiance, Janay Palmer, with a left hook to the face while the two were inside a casino elevator in February.

In response, the Baltimore Ravens cut the running back and the NFL suspended Rice indefinitely.

The latter was a significantly harsher punishment than the initial two-game suspension doled out by Commissioner Roger Goodell over the summer... but did you see the aforementioned video?!?

Who could argue that Rice doesn't deserve whatever comes his way? Floyd Mayweather, that's who.

"They had said that they had suspended him for two games," Mayweather told reporters yesterday. "Whether they saw the tape or not, I truly believe a person should stick to their word.

"If you tell me you're going to do something, do what you say you're going to do. But once again, I'm not in the NFL, so I can't really speak about the situation."

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Shantel Jackson, Floyd Mayweather's former fiancee, is suing the boxing champion for physically attacking and threatening her on several occasions.

According to Shantel Jackson, Floyd first got violent with her in 2012, not long after a domestic violence case involving another woman landed him in jail.

Jackson claims the couple were arguing when the fighter "twisted [her] arm, choked her and forcibly took her phone away from her to look through it."

She claims Mayweather got violent again in 2013 during a heated argument, bending her arm, restraining her, and POINTING A GUN at her foot.

Shantel claims he asked her "'Which toe do you want me to shoot?'" and demanded she remove her 17 carat diamond engagement ring at gunpoint.

Finally, Jackson alleges that Floyd got physical again this past February at his condo in L.A., grabbing her by the arm during another ugly dispute.

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If you haven't been keeping up on the bizarre Dr. Seuss-related conflict between Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent, allow us to bring you up to speed:

Earlier this week, 50 challenged Mayweather to read one page of a Harry Potter book in a video that was supposed to be a take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but seemed to kind of miss the point of those clips.

The next day, audio of Mayweather struggling to read was released by an NYC radio show, and it became apparent that the champ might actually be semi-illiterate.

Some responded by saying that the situation is sort of sad and we probably shouldn't be mocking Mayweather. 50 responded by downgrading his challenge to "one page of the Cat in the Hat."

Now Mayweather has responded in his own fashion:

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Yesterday, 50 Cent issued a challenge to Floyd Mayweather. Fiddy claimed that if Floyd could read "one page of a Harry Potter book" then he would donate $750,000 to the charity of Mayweather's choice.

He then threw a bucket of ice water over a a railing because he's 50 Cent:

50 and Floyd have beef for unknown reasons, but what was first taken as a good-natured diss is now being considered a step too far by some, as audio released today reveals that Mayweather really might struggle with illiteracy: 

That clip was released today by an NYC radio show. Floyd's sad struggle to read a brief promo message begins around the 2:10 mark, but listen to the whole thing to hear 50's revised challenge:

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Floyd Mayweather's bizarre habit of feuding with famous rappers has caused trouble for the boxer in the past. (Most notably when T.I. brawled with Mayweather in Vegas.)

But now a hip hop artist who Mayweather hasn't directly picked a fight with is talking smack for seemingly no reason.

It all started when Mayweather gave an interview earlier this week in which he addressed claims that he slept with T.I.'s wife, and other incidents in which he pissed off rappers.

"Hip hop artists, they come and go, they come and go," said Mayweather. "But I'm still here."

He went on to imply that he's currently beefing with three rappers, all of whom are washed-up. 50 seems to believe that description applies to him.

The rapper (who is, in fact, kinda washed-up) posted a video today in which he explained why Mayweather should have no ill will toward him, but should kick the ever-loving crap out of Nelly:

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Floyd Mayweather apparently admits that, well, T.I. had a pretty good reason for coming at him this spring, as Floyd says he was doing the rapper's wife.

It's still not entirely clear what caused the brawl, or at least it wasn't before Mayweather, promoting his upcoming fight, shed some light on it Saturday.

Someone yelled at the press conference, "What about T.I.?" Floyd, rather than ignoring this, said, "What about the bitch? I was f--king his bitch."

The infamous T.I.-Floyd Mayweather fight broke out at a Las Vegas Fatburger in May, with Tameka "Tiny" Cottle reportedly at the center of the drama.

Tiny posted photos of the boxer and his daughter on Instagram right before the melee, and the rapper (real name Clifford Harris) was clearly not happy.

After the above clip hit the Internet, Floyd tried to run some damage control, saying he never had sex with Tiny and didn't say that at the press conference.

Instead, Mayweather insists he said "he thinks I was f--king his bitch."

He does mutter something before "I was f--king" but it's hard to hear.

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Justin Bieber moved into a new condo recently, and he seems intent on finding out how many times he have the cops called on him before he's booted from his ritzy new digs altogether.

Last night, Justin had some unexpected help with the ruckus-causing:

Unexpected Foursome

That's the Biebs with Tyrese, Floyd Mayweather, and Johnny Football himself - Johnny Manziel.

Cops responded to a late-night call from neighbors that the music in Justin's unit was too loud. They spoke with someone in the residence and the tunes were turned down.

Just hours later, however, neighbors complained again, as a group of young Beliebers had gathered outside the apartment building and were shouting Justin's name in unison.

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