Jill Kelley Loves, Respects Kim Kardashian

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Jill Kelley, the woman who inadvertently blew the whistle on the Gen. David Petraeus scandal, claims she's been wrongly accused ... of trashing the Kardashians.

Kelley, who got to know Petraeus and Gen. John Allen as the social liaison of the Tampa base where they were stationed, is rich, hot and famous for sort of no reason.

Jill Kelley Pic
Kim Kardashian with Cleavage

For that reason, she's been compared to Kim Kardashian and her ilk after her role in the Petraeus-Paula Broadwell scandal made her an overnight celebrity of sorts.

Jill Kelley was said to have resented this comparison, deeming it "the worst thing to come out of" the scandal. But sources close to Jill are now denying that statement.

Kelley views Kim Kardashian as a "beautiful and successful business woman" whom she highly respects. Insert one of many possible rebuttals right here, right now.

And tell us: Who'd you rather ... y'know?


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Jill Kelley Loves, Respects Kim Kardashian
Guys, dont work your right hands out))
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Why is it, every time someone thinks of a celebrity who doesn't have what we call a "talent", Kim is always mentioned? There's a ton of famous people who don't have the ability to sing, act or dance. Among them, Oprah, Barbara Walters, talk show hosts, the ones who work in the press, politicians, etc. The list is actually huge, not to forget many actors and singers.
For the record, Kim IS a successful business woman. That's not even debatable.


Where's the choice of "neither"?


how you simply can hate kim?

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