End of the World: Will it Be 12/21/12?!

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Is the end of the world today?

The ancient Mayan calendar supposedly predicted a 12/21/12 apocalypse a long, long time ago, but is this Friday (also the winter solstice), really doomsday?

World Ending

Apparently not. Their calendar supposedly runs out at 5 a.m., over two HOURS ago.

Unless they were somehow issuing predictions on West Coast, Alaska or Hawaii time, THG officially calls shenanigans on your apocalypse, Mayans.

Weaksauce ancient civilization.

The December 21 apocalypse frenzy is working overdrive in any case, as doomsday speculation and gossip has permeated across the globe.

Not surprisingly, few in the Mayan heartland in what is current day Mexico believe the predictions. More surprisingly, some Michigan kids got out of school.

South of the border, a little apocalypse is good for business, as a large crowd at the Merida Convention Center on Mexico's Yucatan peninsula showed.

At a ceremony, participants held up their arms and chanted mantras to the blazing tropical sun, which quickly torched the mostly fair-skinned crowd.

While raking in cash, organizers of Yucatan’s Mayan Culture Festival actually tried to debunk the idea that the Mayans called for the end of the world.

The Maya measured time in 394-year periods, or baktuns. The 13th baktun ends around December 21, 2012, and 13 is considered a sacred number.

However, anthropologists uncovered Mayan symbols that refer to dates far, far in the future, long beyond 12/21/12, indicating way more baktuns.

Other scientists liken the end of the baktun to an odometer on a car that hits 999,999 and simply rolls over to 000,000 with no damage whatsoever.

Not that everyone's complaining about the apocalyptic hype.

The crazy rumors got Michigan officials so worked up they closed 30 schools after class Wednesday, two days earlier than originally on the calendar.

The school one, not the Mayan one. Better safe than sorry.

End of the World: Will it happen 12/21/12?


Mayans never predicted december 21st 2012 to be the end of the world. Stop believeing everything you see, just because many (uneducated) people claim that it's true. Look at your sources. Listen only to the ones that have value. If some random blogger says that the Mayans oredicted the end of the world, why would you simply believe them? Look to somebody who knows about the Mayans. Ask them. People are too gullible these days...


we need to read the Bible more not just to se what people got to say there is a BIG problem around is call IGNORANCE!!!! and I think we can go overit if we seat down for a few min. to READ?????


just some scam they wanted business and donation from dumb people


Ironically it's not the Mayans that were ridiculously wrong, the innacuracy of their predictions was nothing compared to the innacuracy of idiots from our civilization skewing it and pushing their interpretations on to others...who then did the same...until what was in the media looked nothing like what the Mayan calendar was saying. (according to the Mayans it's just the end of one age leading to another, they're basically saying the next period of time will be different from the previous...which is like saying "you will eat today"...of course periods of time are different, not a tough prediction...but our skewing of it was far worse.)


Hi, What are the Mayans so that we believe them??... did they measure the time correctly to adopt a date they mentioned, it's a madness to believe hallucinations of some drunk Mayans!!!




i really don't know if the world will end,but just in case it does I'm making sure i do everything i love.


It won't end today, but might within the next 4 years. Ot has nothing to do with the Mayans, it will jave to do with the Kenyan, Obama the terrible.

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Yeah, seriously. STFU.

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Get over it already..

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what an idiot.

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now is end of world?