Bethenny Frankel Divorce to be Quick and Easy?

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It's all over for Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy.

Cue the insulting, arguing and long-term court drama? Not quite, sources tell In Touch Weekly.

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“There will be no fighting” when it comes to custody of daughter Bryn, according to a Bethenny insider. “This won’t be a drawn-out, nasty battle.”

Why will Frankel and Hoppy not be pulling a Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries? The couple cares too much about its child.

Frankel, for example, will remain in New York City, despite previous plans to relocate to Los Angeles, because that's where Hoppy wishes to remain.

"Bethenny’s going to do what’s best for her daughter," the source says, adding of the stars: “They’re doing all they can to keep life normal for Bryn.”

That sure is refreshing to hear. We wish this family the very best of luck.


Jason take full custody of that kid if you love it. This woman is a psycho that needs to be in a MENTAL INSTITUTE for a very long time.


What a selfish woman, she had a good man from a loving family that tried to embrace her into their lives with all her flaws. What does she do??? She goes back to her old horrible self centred bitch ways, she blames her mother and upbringing for her problems but after watching the show I'm sorry to say she needs to stop blaming the world and try to be a nicer person. Good relationships make for a happy life, money and material things are for short term happiness and as far as I can see with all the reality shows and celebrity marriages 99 per cent of them are full of shit and phony. One minute their soul mates the next their seperating or divorcing.


She was a fool to cut his parents out of everything like that. Nobody on earth will love her child like those two grandparents. She had all of her assistants constantly around her daughter...people who will eventually leave her life. Now, at least, the loving grandparents will see see their granddaughter more often. How sad that it had to be like this.

@ KooKKy

A telling sign of how much the loving grandparents are needed was when Bethenny had to ask an employee to be godmother to Bryn.



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