Kim Kardashian to Kris Humphries: I'll Sue You!

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As the Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries divorce case continues to drag on... and on... and on... a source tells In Touch Weekly that the reality star is considering legal action against the NBA power forward.

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian Together

“She has instructed her lawyer, Laura Wasser, to give Kris and his lawyers an ultimatum: Settle now or she will sue,” a friend claims to the tabloid, adding of potential attorney fees if Kardashian goes through with this threat: 

"[They] could cost Kris millions.”

Humphries is seeking to annul his marriage to Kardashian, somehow arguing that he was duped into the union and is owed a ton of cash beyond the prenuptial agreement he signed.

He apparently also wants the Kim Kardashian engagement ring back.

"Kim will launch a counterattack for defamation of character,” this insider alleges. “You can’t put a price tag on what Kris has cost her.”

Ummm... we're pretty much we can. Kardashian just touched down in Kuwait because Millions of Milkshakes is paying her hundreds of thousands of dollars to pose for a few photos.

We think she's doing okay.


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Kim Kardashian to Kris Humphries: I'll Sue You!
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That ring was a gift to her when he willongly got down on one knee and proposed. Then he signed the prenup saying she could keep it. I dont see how he can say she duped him into marrying her. As for Myla, she claims he was verbally abusive to her. It seems shithead isthe one who is the problem not these women. Dragging this out is his way of still trying to b a bully. He needs to sign the papers bcuz there is no grounds for,


Any of you guys actually research the prenup? According to various sources, the prenup specifically states she keeps the ring. It seems like, other than fame, Kris isn't getting squat from her. Since a wedding ring is a gift, I don't know how anyone can demand it back, it seems very pompous for Kris to even try. He knows he's not getting it back, he's simply dragging this on as long as possible to keep his name out there. Clearly, his basketball playing ability can't take him very far.


You people are a bunch of haters. Kris has been dragging this out for a while now. Kim wants to move on, it's Kris that keeps pushing this. Kim owes Kris nothing, Kris was a nobody before, and now is considered a "celebrity". He was a scrub for a scrub team. He'll always be. I hope Kim sues and wins, maybe the courts will finally provide justice. As far as defamation, yep, that's what I'd call it. Claiming that Kim used him is exactly that. If anything, he used her, she likely knew what was going on and wanted nothing to do with it anymore. Kanye is a much, much, much better choice than that scrub, I'm glad they're happy together.

@ Matt

Matt, take a look at the state in which they were married. Depending on the existance of applicable state law, Mr. Humphries' attorney could make a case for "alienation of affection," in that Mr. West seems to be in the way for any kind of reconciliation. Mrs. Humphries' affection for her current husband has been displaced from her legal husband to Mr. West.


Kim wants everything her way and she screwed over Hump big time. He did not defame her character, she did, no judge will side with her on that one.
Kris, for his stupidity was also screwed-over by Myla and should do his best to get away from her as quickly as possible. Just like Kim it started off on the wrong foot. He is back with Myla because she threatened to expose him and is now blackmailing him to keep him.
Imagine that! A rich woman and a poor woman make a fool of him. Where is this guy's family to give him some sound advice. Hump, extricate yourself from these women and get on with your life.
Big breast and Kim look alikes does not do it for you. I want to support you, but I do not understand how you could be sooo comfortable to go back to another phony woman who has a hammer over your head. Where is your head? Look deeper Hump, look deeper.


admit the fraud skankola ass clown ...
team HUMP' ...


HE is dragging this out? Seems to me like SHE is dragging it out because she wont give him the ring back. You were married for 3 friggin months, give him the dang ring back! Here, Ill come to an agreement. She gives him the ring back, and not a penny more. They go there separate ways.. End of story. I think they are doing this for publicity. Kim has been doing very well for herself before and after her marriage to him.. Suing for defamation of character is ridiculous. She should sue herself for defamation of character! She makes herself out to be some beautiful slut, when in reality.. without makeup artists, surgery or photoshop shes a homely looking woman. I want to fast forward to 10 years from now when the Kardashians are a thing of the past. They are the worst of what is in America. Money grubbing and stuck up. Pathetic human beings.

Lynda 1
@ me

Kris is a big fool no buts about it


Good Lord Kim Kardashian is a self-entitled bitch. Kris should get his engagement ring back. It was a promise of their future together, which she broke. Why would she even want a reminder of their failed marriage unless it was because she's a fame whore that will do anything to remain in the spotlight? Kim Kardashian and her entire family are attention-crazed losers, and I hope Kris wins as much as he can with this divorce.

@ Samantha

So do I! He is not in the spotlight a lot. She, on the other hand, revels in it! Im sure she calls the tabloids just to come take her picture. She is disgusting.. and he really looks like an idiot. He probably thought she really wanted him, while she had ulterior motives for marrying him. She goes from man to man and sucks the life out of them, and moves on to another. She has more than enough money to live on for the rest of her life. She needs to just give him the ring back. She can always buy herself another one. Or does she want to keep it as a momento of the man she screwed over after 3 months of marriage? I really hope the courts side with him. She needs to be taught that she cant treat people like that and get away with it.


Take him to the ringers Kim! this dude is pathetic, he is dragging out this divorce way too long.

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