Adam Lanza's Hard Drive: Removed, Smashed, Likely Unsalvageable

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What is on Adam Lanza's hard drive? It looks like we may never find out.

Before Friday’s elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn., the 20-year-old allegedly removed his computer disk drive and smashed it, according to The Hartford Courant.


It will be difficult to recover any data, authorities and tech experts say.

Two sources told the paper the hard drive was “broken in pieces.” ABC News reports it “appeared to have been badly damaged with a hammer or screwdriver.”

Forensic electronics experts at the FBI will examine the drive in an effort to determine with whom Lanza corresponded electronically and how he otherwise used the device.

Tech experts also say Adam Lanza may have “overwritten the drive.”

FBI electronics experts will continue to examine the drive to see what is salvageable, but any insight into the mind of the Connecticut shooter may be lost forever.

Meanwhile, more details about the gunman are slowly emerging. And under a cloud of national mourning, a renewed debate about gun control is heating up.

A former director of security for Newtown Public Schools, Richard Novia said Lanza had Asperger’s syndrome, based on documents and discussions with Lanza’s mother.

Nancy Lanza was murdered by Adam shortly before the Sandy Hook massacre; he is believed to have used three guns, all registered in her name.

Novia said as part of his job, which he left in 2008, he would be informed of students who might pose problems to themselves or others for whatever reason.

Russ Hanoman, a friend of Lanza’s mother, previously told CNN that Lanza had Asperger’s syndrome and that he was “very withdrawn emotionally.”

But CNN has not been able to independently confirm whether Lanza had autism or Asperger’s syndrome, a higher-functioning form of autism.

Both are developmental disorders, not mental illnesses.

Many experts say neither Asperger’s nor autism can be blamed for the rampage, and saying his parents should have seen warning signs is highly debatable.

“There is absolutely no evidence or any reliable research that suggests a linkage between autism and planned violence,” the Autism Society said in a statement.

“To imply or suggest that is wrong and is harmful to more than 1.5 million law-abiding, nonviolent and wonderful individuals who live with autism each day.”


That little anorexic psychotic bullet ridden corpse, your mother should have swallowed you.


One thing is a fact: This guy had total access to his mothers guns! Y would a parent of a child with any type of behavioral issues allow that? At this moment its to late to analys any of that....all there is to do now is learn from it....we can say this however bn that it was his mothers weapons that ultimately made these killings pos::sible,as parents we need to take responsibility and not make it possible for our kids regardless of age to make something so evil and terrible possible due to our trust that our kid would never due this....thats just 1 of the many lessons to learn from this senseless tragedy.


Yes, it shows in all of their eyes...they all have those crazed eyes.


Why would divorce papers even mention mental health issues??? Never heard of that before. Connecticut School Shooting Suspect Adam Lanza Photos and Shooting reason Revealed Here


Last time I saw eyes like that, they were on the AZ shooter that shot Gifford. The time before that, they were on Charlie Manson. Stupid evil!!!


I think that Adam Lanza did what he did because he knew that he was going to be investigated. He was no idiot. He probably had more intelligence that ten really dumb people put together.

@ Ernest

10 of you, yes. Your analogy is garbage.

@ Ernest

CC - Investigated for what???


I have a nephew with autism and he is a very warm sensitive human being. You learn a lot from your parents. If you do not teach your kids from home how to love and be respectful they will never learn. Money does not show love and true feelings people. Teach your children what Is right and what is wrong. Kids are a lot smarter than you think. It all starts from home


I'm really tired of seeing this in my inbox. This is a HOLLYWOOD/ENTERTAINMENT site. There's no reason he should be on here.

@ GossipGal

You are right. This story has nothing to do with Hollywood. If it is entertainment, then that is just cruel. Only sick and apathetic people would enjoy seeing innocent children and other victims tortured and killed.


Who really cares? Stop glamorizing this asshole, piece of shit. The less we focus on him and the more we focus on the innocent victims the better. NO ONE GIVES A CRAP about this piece of shit that we could all scrape off of our shoes and flick into the garbage. I hope he is being dragged bloodied, kicking and screaming, writhing in pain, through the 7 gates of Hell---multiple, multiple times, from here until eternity. He will never know the pain felt by those that are left behind of the victims he so violently took from this earth. Screw him!


No one mentions DRUGS. Was this person on some type of drug for his issues? I have seen children come to school who are on prescribed medication that show violence if they are not allowed to do what they want and as they get older they are the first ones who get onto more serious type of drugs, become addicted, etc. These same children show violence during their younger years through the teens in many different ways. And, some were austistic children so don't say that they are not ever violent. I have seen teachers attacked, bitten, spit at, clawed at--you name it and these students have done it. I do believe that if the clip size of the gun was smaller that would be best and there is no need for any type of an assault weapon other than for war. Many people enjoy target shooting, etc and they should not be the ones who have to lose out. Parents need to be more aware of what their children are doing and who their friends are, as well as some background on their friends parents. This is where many a good person has gone wrong---peer pressure to follow down the wrong road. This person was obviously a very SICK PERSON who targeted young children which is just despicable!

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