Richard Engel Speaks on Syrian Kidnapping, "Psychological Torture"

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This morning on The Today Show, NBC correspondent Richard Engel spoke on the harrowing experience he and his production crew underwent while under the control of masked gunmen in Syrian.

As previously reported, Engel and his team spent five days as captives and are currently free in Turkey.

Explaining how the NBC staff was "blindfolded and bound," Engel detailed how the abduction took place:

"There were probably 15 gunmen. They were wearing ski masks. They were heavily armed. They dragged us out of the car. They had a container truck waiting by the side of the road. They put us in that container truck."

As for the experience itself?

"We weren’t physically beaten or tortured," Engel says. "A lot of psychological torture, threats of being killed.  They made us choose which one of us would be shot first, and when we refused, they were mock shooting, they pretended to shoot [the camerman] Gazi several times and when you’re blindfolded and then they fired the gun up in the air... it can be a very traumatic experience."

We cannot even imagine.

Engel said the escape went down during transportation yesterday, as the kidnappers clashed with rebels who eventually took Engel and the crew under their control.

It's unknown at this time whether the team will continue to report on the conflict in Syria, but let's all give thanks everyone is okay.