Adam Lanza: Should His Parents Have Seen Warning Signs?

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Plenty of fingers have been and will continue to be pointed in the aftermath of the Connecticut school shooting, but could Adam Lanza's parents have ever seen this coming?

Their 2008 divorce papers reveal nothing that would indicate their son had serious mental issues, however, there may have been some warning signs.

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A mediator who worked with the couple recalled his mother saying she didn't like to leave him alone and that his parents went out of their way to accommodate him.

Marriage therapist Paula Levy said that during about 10 two-hour sessions, Nancy and Peter Lanza were respectful of each other and concerned about their son.

She says the couple told her that Adam Lanza, then 16-17 years old, had been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, an autism-like disorder.

They spent considerable time talking about how to provide for his well-being.

Peter and Nancy Lanza split up for good the following year, and were financially well off; In 2012 Nancy was to receive $289,800 in spousal support.

Levy says the Lanzas agreed how to divide caretaking responsibilities and as a result said little about Adam; there was no mention of serious mental issues.

Certainly nothing that could even hint at the Newtown, Conn., massacre.

Adam Lanza shot his mother in the head with a rifle Friday, at the home where they lived, then headed to Sandy Hook Elementary School armed with her three guns.

With a high-power rifle, two handguns and enough ammunition to kill nearly every child in the building, he killed 20 students, six adults and himself.

Authorities have pored over computer, cellphone and credit card records trying to piece together the Lanza family's days leading up to the shooting.

Adam and Nancy are survived by his brother Ryan and Peter Lanza, who, in a statement this weekend, said that like everyone else, is floored.

"We too are asking why," he said.

"We have cooperated fully with law enforcement and will continue to do so. Like so many of you, we are saddened, but struggling to make sense of what has transpired."

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I am terribly disappointed that Peter did not give Nancy the continued medical intervention his son needed needed. Had he done so from a male perspective the singigns would have been adhered to by the medical community. Face it world women have come along way but men still rule the quantifying decisions that bring safety to families and communities. Sad to say this but this is why the Picton farm killings went on because officials ie lawenforcement males were fooled by the serial killer every time! The question is how does society suppport the family with a problem child? There are't enough ethical proceedures to support them so they cover it up to fit in and Not be excluded from the "in crowd". Remember the parable of the boy who couldn't walk and he was left as an outcast until he was cured! From politicians to mayors to educators tohealthproviders and eventually to the nuclear family of the problem Member we all have a responsibility to nurture and guide regardlless of wealth, gender or profession! Justice is emobelized from the very top office to the very lowest and closest associate to the problem member( each of us bears a conscience) and when innocent children are left to use their own conscience and courage since we have culturally and morally have chosen to ignore the distressed individual than we as a society are also culpable!! Sings exist and parents single or otherwise are not given the support structures to habilitate a problem famiy member except if they have committed a crime. This has to chaaange big time!!!!!!!! Good luck social services over burden the stigma you carry has to change to a positive venue where in families of all standing and class are rewarded by your assistance and the funds that our taxes provide you with are effective in not letting troubled familes down or falling through the cracks of financial blocks or lack of medical knowledge emparted to needy families. (Think and resolve never to have innocent blood pay for our carelessness! Please people come together black,brown, white or yellow. We have it let's make it happen! Statutes regulations service and support go!!


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The person making the above statement is likely trying to harrass another person. If so, the action may be criminal and certainly may warrant action in civil court. However, if that's the case it's also likely that the person posting might be very difficult or impossible to trace.


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