The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Premiere Recap: Down and Left Out

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are back for Season 3, but who's "Down and Left Out in Beverly HIlls" and who finds themselves booted off the invite list?

The lines are drawn and we break it all down in THG's +/- recap!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Cast

The Vanderpumps have moved… about a block away but I must say, the new home is gorgeous. Plus 15 because they have no neighbors.  That will keep things tranquil. 

Lisa's new bff Brandi Granville stops by with a housewarming gift. Always the traditional girl, Brandi gives them rubber sheets and a tequila gun and calls it just another Tuesday night at the Vanderpump's, emphasis on the pump. Plus 13.

If you can say anything about Brandi, it's that she has a sense of humor.

Who knew Lisa had such a dirty mind? We certainly see a sassier version of Lisa when she hangs out with Brandi.  Plus 10.  These two are my new favorite odd couple.

On a side note, Lisa needs to get over the height difference and stop wearing those six inch heels.  Minus 8.  She's going to break an ankle, or her neck.

Across town, Kyle gets a surprise. Mauricio buys her a Maserati convertible.  Plus 22. My husband can buy me one of those any time.

Kyle's planning Portia's fourth birthday party and the girl is completely adorable as she calls people to invite them to her party.  A phone call to Lisa's has Kyle unexpectedly inviting Brandi who ends up on the speaker phone call.  Plus 11 to Kyle for rolling with it and extending the invite.

The one person they can't reach is KIm.  Kim finished her substance abuse treatment a month ago but even sober her voicemail box is still filled.  Minus 9

But when Kyle finally extends the invitation, Kim says she may not make it because she's spending time with her kids.  Um…why can't she bring her kids to a family party? Portia is their cousin.  Minus 12. For whatever reason, it looks like Kim's blowing her off and Kyle's not happy.

Of course driving home in her new Maserati should ease the pain.

Taylor's finally gained ten whole pounds and thank goodness. Plus 10.  It looks good on her. 

She invites Adrienne to go shopping for a dress for the Villa Blanca anniversary party only to find out that Lisa didn't invite Adrienne.

Uh-oh.  Why the snub?  Lisa's still ticked the Ms. Maloof accused her of selling stories to the tabloids and since no apology has been issued, Lisa's not getting past this any time soon.

Adrienne thinks the whole thing is petty but then why not apologize.  Well, Adrienne has a different idea.

She sends flowers? It's just odd.  The arrangement is huge and weird and the card is pretty generic.  Minus 12.

Taylor's right. It's hard to figure out what Adrienne was thinking. Is it a form of apology or a dig for not being invited?  Who knows?

Finally we get to the newest Housewife. Yolanda's a former model and ex-wife to Lisa's good friend Mohammad. 

Everyone gets to know her at Lisa's party but leave it to Brandi to put her stiletto clad foot in her mouth. In trying to say Beverly Hills is a small world, Brandi tells Yolanda, "You know everyone. You've slept with everyone."

Minus 13. Awkward!  Yolanda's not sure if it's a joke, if she misspoke, or if that's just Brandi.

I'll give her a hint. That's just Brandi. And the season has begun.



I still don't understand why Kyle keeps trying to interject herself into Kim's life when it is obvious she is not welcomed. I think it is due to alot of past hurts or actions that Kyle inflicted on Kim perhaps taking her house, insulting, putting down and berating her infront of people. Yet Kyle blames it on the alcohol instead of taking responsiblity for her on her own self serving behavior. Kim is smart to shut Kyle out of her life, with a sister like that who needs enemies.


very nice garop pic


I was talking about the new season with my co-worker from DISH. We both could not figure out what type of flower arrangement that was that Adrienne sent Lisa, but we thought it was hilarious. I can’t believe I’m going to miss next week’s episode but I’ve already set my Hopper from DISH to record it so I won’t miss any of the drama. There is so much DVR recording room I’m going to record the rest of the season and I will still have room for some of my other favorite Bravo shows. I’m glad to hear Taylor has finally put on weight, now if we could only get her to gain 10 more pounds she would only look slightly thinner compared to the other housewives.


This show proves you don't alwayshave to be poor and live in a house on wheels to be white trash! Yes Sonjia and Ramona, I include ya'all too.


Have you ever seen such a bunch of ugly broads that had soo much work done on face and body if they past a micro wave they all would dissolve.


Thanks Bravo for showing us that you can give 45 to 50-something people more money than they could spend, fix them up with fake faces/breasts/who-knows-what-else and they will still have no manners nor class, and act like 4 yr olds. Then again, many people like to watch trainwrecks in slow motion. Proof money does not buy happiness, it can only create a facade.


I wish someone would do an in depth study on why ppl watch these shows. Perhaps it has something to do with envy--wishing yo have all the material things shown. Pretty sue realty shows are based less on reality than on controversa ey.

@ Lking

Pretty sure that most people watch to see the trainwrecks, cat fights, and so on realising that despite all the finery and fancy airs, these people are just like everyone else. Jealousy or evny, not likely. I have all the toys and things that money can buy that I want. I have a lot that money cannot buy. Not for one second would I trade places with any of these women. If I feel anything for these women it is pity. Now a peek into their closet or medicine chest to see how their 1% lives...yeah, people will look.


I watch almost all of the housewives shows and I have my favorite and least favorite on all of them, but I have to say Brandi is one of the biggest bitches and definitely the biggest slut of all the shows. Why is she on there anyway. Horny tramp.


Love the recap but you got one thing wrong. Plus 50 points to Kim for saying no to Kyle. Kyle can just take her Maserrati and get off the pity pot. An important part of any recovery program is learning to tell people NO when you don't want to do something. Really something all of those ladies should get used to saying to Ms.Narcissist Pants Kyle every once in a while.

Le hall nance
@ Lisa

It's fine to say no if you don't want to do something, just don't make up some bullshit excuse about wanting to spend time with your kids and using them as your excuse to not go to your niece's birthday party. So far this Kim is very similar to Kim in past seasons, instead of being honest she makes up excuses to not show up. She says that she still feels Kyle wronged her, but she doesn't tell Kyle that so they could somehow be able to move forward. Kim comes off as passive aggressive and Kyle is left not knowing what's going on and thinking everything's fine when it's not. My advice is that these two need to go to therapy together so they can work on the aftermath of Kim getting sober so they can communicate better and air out all their grievances one and for all.

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