Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Expecting a Baby?!?

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are back together.

For Breaking Dawn Part 2 promotional purposes? Some believe so.

For parental purposes? One tabloid cover story claims so.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: Expecting?

The latest issue of OK! Weekly hilariously claims that Robert and Kristen are officially a couple again and are also expecting a baby.

In fact, anonymous, totally NOT made up sources tell the magazine that the child will be raised in England and the stars are celebrating the news by constructing a "lavish nursery."

The only questions now remaining: What will Robsten names its child?

And does anyone out there actually believe this to be true?


I was expecting Robsten to have their real baby there if they ever did the movie would be so much better and true life.No vampire love but true human life.After that thing with Kristen in Paris. They have been at least back together after that day hopefully, i wish them the best theyre not a perfect couple but they are wonderful.


Ok I haven't seen that the story that "OK USA" has printed has been asked to retract the story. Are Rob and Kristen just going to ignore it?. Surely if it wasn't true wouldn't it be hurtful to both Rob and Kristen. I would think if it wasn't true that their Managers would ask or even demand that it be retracted and an apology be issued to both Rob and Kristen for the lies printed or they will sue. But they haven't. So is it true or not?. Why would they not ask to have it retracted. As I have said the magazine has left itself wide open for a law suit. Surely they wouldn't be that stupid would they?. The magazine knows if they have printed a story that is not true they will be a laughing stock and known to be a trashy magazine anyway. Surely Rob and Kristen would have seen the magazine headlines by now. The story has also been printed in a few other magazines as well. Maybe everyone should wait and see if she is. Maybe she will keep everyone guessing. Is she or isn't she????


Oh, wait a minute....I bet she is having a baby because Summit told them to do it to promote Breaking Dawn!


Its not Robert's baby. Its all a lie, a very big fat one. Mann that skinny thing can't conceive. Poor Trash

@ michail

Believe it or not. I don't think it makes any difference how skinny a man is to be able to conceive! You may need to read your sex education book again! Was this one of your pickup lines when you were once skinny?

@ Arkansas

They were talking about Kristin, not Robert. Calm down.


Well "OK US" magazine has left itself wide open for a Law Suit by Rob and Kristen if this story is False. Where the hell did they get such a story.How did they get photos of Rob and Kristen's house in England if indeed they do have a house in England. Who gave them access to the house to take photos of the nursery. Isn't this an invasion of privacy. If the story is false I would think it would be hurtful to both Rob and Kristen. I hope Rob and Kristen do sue them if the story is false. I wouldn't believe anything any magazine writes because they all print lies. So unless both Rob and Kristen do come out and say so than it is not true. Also I think Kristen wold keep it a secret because she doesn't like anyone knowing anything. She likes to keep them guessing as she said about her & Rob being back together.


Ok people did Robert or Kristen come out officially and say there having a child together. The amswer is NO. Have they come out and said they were dating?. The answer again is NO. So please stop speculating plz its getting very boring hearing the same bs year after year since they meet on the Twilight movie. So once Robert or Kristen hasn't said it don't believe everything u read or hear. They will say anything to sell there magazines. So plz back of Robert and let him get on with his life the best way u can in the business his in. Ye should b watching out for his new movies and not making up bs about him. Its boring really at this stage. TWILIGHT is over people so let him b plz.


I think tis true cause theyre both so awesome 2gether and theyve been dating for a long time and even though they broke up in the middle they reconciled in september, so this must be true!!!!!


If anyone knows the story she was broking up over rob not the other guy.. N she hasnt been with the other guys in like 6 months.. N im glan theyre back together n a baby is a blessing. N theyve been dating since twilight came out.. But since everyone has theyre own opinion so ill just leave this at that. Have a great day everyone.


well if it is true, then its prob not even his baby, considering the whoring around she did recently. id be getting a dna test on that baby! LOL!

@ LG

You are correct, i know first hand about these awful situations which no one thinks possible , when my nephews girlfriend pregnant, never thought twice not his, girl young(15 to be honest), her father a MD, ETC,anyway my brother speaks his mind and when baby born he said wanted a DNA test,,which can image caused quite a scene --GUESS WHAT, DNA not a match. I learn my lesson that day to NEVER SAY NEVER, heck i even gave the girl a baby shower.


Really, again? I thought she was all broken up over that one guy who was married? When are people going to see that
Rob and Kristen never dated. The engagement ring, it was the prop for the movie. Kristen was dating the same guy from New Moon till Breaking Dawn and Rob was dating the same girl from Eclipse on. People really need to take care of their own lives and stop spreading rumors about celebrities. No one freaking cares if they are having a baby because it's not true. How can they have a kid if they've never had sex? Geez.. I love the Saga but am glad when all this Rob and Kristen bull crap will be over.

@ ShadowPanther

If you had a brain, you'd take it out and play with it.

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