Melissa Rycroft on Dancing With the Stars Win: My Mind Went Blank!

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In a somewhat surprising ending to the final Dancing With the Stars results show of the season, reality star Melissa Rycroft was named the winner Tuesday night.

Rycroft, who finished third in 2009's Season 8, edged out Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, who many thought would become a two-time DWTS champion.

“My mind went blank for a minute,” Melissa Rycroft told reporters after the show as to what she was thinking when host Tom Bergeron announced her as the winner.

“When we were standing there with Shawn and Derek (Hough) I assumed it’d be them. After I realized it was our names, I said, ‘Oh, my God! How did this just happen?’”

The shock was evident as confetti rained down, Melissa burst into tears, and her partner Tony Dovolani's profane, excited shouting kept the ABC censors busy.

After 14 seasons without a Mirror Ball win, Tony's elation can be excused.

“What a feel-good win,” remarked Bergeron, master of understatement.

No doubt, Melissa's likable pro played a sizable role in her victory. Tony has been a fan favorite with his patience, nice-guy attitude and positive demeanor.

"This has been a long time coming for Tony," Bergeron soon noted.

The other competitors hoisted Melissa and Tony on their shoulders to celebrate; Melissa had been the only finalist to have never won a previous season.

The couple had few expectations given that they started out competing against numerous past winners in terms of both stars and pros.

“We thought we’d go home in week one,” Dovolani said later.

“We were going to try to hold our own and maybe leave sort of impression,” Melissa Rycroft mused. “We never thought we’d be champions or the last ones standing."

"I wish we hadn’t underestimated ourselves but at the same time it makes us more proud.”

Did Melissa Rycroft deserve to win Dancing With the Stars?


Please, stop with the Shawn just did gymnastics when you know that's not true - it's what you want to see and probably wished your fave "star" could do what she does. Plus you non-dancers - most great dancers do gymnastics. Shawn out danced Melissa in every way - technique, synchronicity, harder choreography. Her nickname is perfection but she did not get the scores. Melissa made many mistakes but she got the higher scores. The show was rigged from the start! Give the win to the ones who've never won before - the Pity/Sympathy trophy. To think that not only the best dancer not win, but the one who had the biggest fan base! The show is a big joke and a big SHAM!


Darlene is correct. Melissa and Tony were wonderful, but Shawn was consistebly the best dancer all season and had to dance the most challenging dances. She did not just do gymnastics, she truely danced as well. Its too bad folks can't go back and watch the dances again. The win should be based on who was the best dancer. But that is not the case with DWTS. Shawn was the best dancer this season, and worked every bit as hard as Melissa, maybe harder, as she was hurt. And Derek is not full of himself. Derek is the most talented dancer and choreographer on the show - he is brillant.. Len picked on Derek and Shawn all season, which was not deserved. The best dancers were not all in the finals. Winning DWTS has become a popularity contest - and that is a shame.


People should go back and watch the dances. Shawn didn't do gymnastics- she danced!!! What was melissa's freestye- all lifts??? we kept saying when are they gonna dance. Melissa's manager is a producer of dwts- thats how she won. Tony made a slip on monday night saying hes been waiting 15 seasons to win and it was worth the wait. Shawn and derek looked sad when waiting to hear who won - like they knew they lost while melissa and tony were all smiles- i wonder why??? When people think of dwts all stars they will remember Derek and Shawn and their great dances and how they got cheated -won't even remember the names of the couple who beat them. You wont even remember any of melissa's dances- but you will remember shawn and derek's! Shawn did not make one mistake all season- she is great enough to be one of the pros!!!! Melissa and Tony managed to mention every episode and every chance they got that she is the only one who didn't win. You didn't even hear shawn say about winning until the semi's. Too bad they couldn't have done the same exact dance and then see who would have done it better-- my bet on Shawn. Even the judges said there wasn't any dance she couldn't do. These are the reasons why people think the show was rigged!!!

@ darlene

Oh Darlene. People like you make me laugh. This was not rigged. People like underdogs who come out and dominate. Melissa wasa class act the whole competition. Shawn broke the rules, Derek's ego is bigger than Texas and face it, America loved Melissa better. Shawn was great but Melissa had the edge. Oh and you don't think people will remember that "Dirty Diana" for years?! Look at the poll above. Woot woot!


I think her mind went blank when the anouncer said "and now they have won 2" or did he say " and now they have won too" ? I was totally confused until he said their names. Maybe she was confused also.

@ bill

Tom said, "And now they have ONE too." He was referring to a mirror ball or at least this is what took from his statement.


I am thrilled that Melissa and Tony won as they truly were the best dancers. I was very tired of Shawn and her gymnastic steps as this was a dance contest, not an athletic gymnastic competition! Way to go Melissa and Tony!!!!

@ Jane Bryant

I have thought the same thing Jane; Melissa is a true dancer while Shawn embellishes her dancing with gymnastics. Len Goodman was the judge who hated that the most but he’s the stickler and gets a lot of flack for it. Tony had his first win too, which is great for him. I always watch every show with my DISH coworker and our families. It is a great excuse to get together and I’m not embarrassed any more that I forgot to record the show because I use AuotHop on my DISH Hopper. All four of the major networks record automatically each night so I don’t have to set any timers for my favorite shows like DWTS. That convenience keeps me out of hot water with everyone too!




Because Melissa has danced her whole life!
Not too far a stretch that a dancer won DWTS.


Still don't get why people think it was fixed. So many people like Melissa and Tony- they are leading this poll here on THG. Proud of you guys, I voted for you!

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