Parents Name Baby Girl Hashtag

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As unusual baby names go, this one's certainly up there.

This past Saturday around 10 p.m., a precious little girl weighing an even eight pounds was given the name Hashtag by her Twitter-loving parents ... seriously.

Cute Baby

We're guessing her parents spent much of the previous nine months on their iPhones. Think she'll be teased a lot on the playground? Or on her friends' Twitter accounts?

In about 18 years, Hashtag totally needs to date Facebook, the name given to a baby boy in Egypt last winter in honor of the role played by the site in the country's revolution.

That's not baby #Hashtag pictured above BTW. Just a CUTE BABY!

In mostly unrelated celebrity baby news, Eric Johnson just got Jessica Simpson pregnant again, leading us to wonder what name they'll pick for Maxwell's younger sibling.

Maxwell is their daughter, obviously.

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