Justin Bieber Wins Diamond Jubilee Medal, Wears Overalls

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Justin Bieber may no longer be the YouTube champion, but the singer did earn himself an award this weekend.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper presented the singer with the Diamond Jubilee Medal, which is handed out to those who have made a significant contribution to a particular province or region in Canada.

He's photographed here accepting the honor - and also donning some serious overalls:

Justin Bieber in Overalls

A spokeswoman for Harper described the meeting between these powerful stars as "light-hearted" and added:

"Justin Bieber is a ping pong player so they talked about ping pong and that they should meet and play ping pong next time."

Speaking of ping pong, Bieber and Selena Gomez continue to go back and forth over their relationship status. It's unclear where the twosome now stands.


He is not dressed nice but you can't criticize when he didn't even know about Stephen Harper coming. I mean, what popstar just wears a suit eveyday in case the prime minister shows up!! I guess the snobs posting about his clothes are people who are so worried about appearances they have no self esteem or respect at all so their opinion doesn't matter


You want to be treated like a grown up......Dress like one!!! Very poor form!!


I think the way he was dressed was in very poor tatse and showed no CLASS at all


Thought this was funny, when I saw it on reddit. YOu should be ashamed


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