Justin Bieber Unveils "Girlfriend" Teaser, Taunts Women Around the World

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Note to every female around the world not named Selena Gomez: you are not dating Justin Bieber.

But in a new video teaser for his fragrance "Girlfriend," the singer makes viewers feel as if they are, strumming on his guitar while the camera takes the cutie in from the point of view of someone awfully close to him.

"make it trend… #GIRLFRIEND," Justin Tweeted Sunday, along with a link to the spot, adding: "#ThruYourEyes."

The Biebs also re-Tweeted the following salacious words from director Alfredo Flores' compliment:

"Feeling bad for all of you who only have a few ovaries left. The new #Girlfriend commercial will destroy them."


Com to Norway\Stavanger Plis but I LOVE YOU!


justin looking so cute in Girlfriend" Teaser nd they woorked very well in the video i enjoyed to watch this video.


@ HDS - Totally! I think he meant "ovum" or "eggs" but, u know, knowledge is a bitch - hahaha


How many ovaries does Alfredo Flores think each woman has? #IDIOT


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