Sam Worthington: Arrested and Pepper Sprayed!

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Sam Worthington probably wishes he could jet off to a faraway land right about now.

The Avatar actor was arrested on Saturday night following a drunken incident at an Atlanta night club, as law enforcement officials tell TMZ Worthington was so wasted that he was denied entry into Vortex.

Sam Worthington Pic

Also lacking ID to get into the establishment, Worthington allegedly grew unruly and pushed the doorman at the entrance. This individual responded by pepper spraying the star and placing him in handcuffs until the police arrived.

At that point, the Australian was detained and charged with disorderly conduct.

The confrontation was reportedly caught on surveillance video and THG will post it as soon as it hits the Internet.

UPDATE: The charges against Sam Worthington have already been dismissed because the complaining witness was a no-show in court this morning.