Jennel Garcia Reacts to X Factor Ousting, Is Ready to Rock

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Fresh off her X Factor elimination, Jennel Garcia faced the press last night and looked forward to what she hopes will be a very bright future.

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"It's time for me to show the world who I am," Garcia told reporters backstage. "Coming into this competition I lost myself. But I was looking for a place to grow and someone to guide me. And I feel like [Demi Lovato] guided me."

Garcia, of course, was stuck in the bottom two last night along with Paige Thomas. She fought back tears after the bad news was announced.

But Garcia isn't focusing on the negative.

She's dreaming big and hoping to combine rock with pop.

"I'm so sick of hearing the same music on the radio," she said of this goal. "Everything you hear on the radio sounds the same. And I know a lot of people can agree with that, people who don't even like the music I like can agree with that. We're sick of hearing the same thing."

What do you think, readers? Did you Garcia deserve to be given the boot?


Her only fault is that she had a horrible judge just like Cece Demi has no business being a judge she's horrible


all i can miss Jennel Garcia.I will be waiting and looking out for your first album..I cant wait to hear what rock and roll and pop sound like mixed.sort of like elvis presley with his fusion of country and rhythm and blues music and went on become the king of rock and roll.I hope you can become the first queen of rock and roll.:)


x factor fans and judges don't know what talent is?


why waiting?
................C'mon, LET'S ROCK!!

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