The X Factor Results: Top 10 Revealed!

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We are down to 10 contestants on The X Factor.

In between Khloe Kardashian flubbing more lines tonight and Taylor Swift performing "State of Grace," viewers watched a pair of acts get sent home.

FIRST, Lyric145 received the bad news.

Was anyone surprised? Does anyone care about the groups? That's what we thought.

SECOND, Jennel Garcia and Paige Thomas found themselves as the final two, with the former singing "The Reason" and the latter choosing "Paradise" as their survivial singles:

After the typically lame and forced judge bickering, Garcia was given the axe, fighting off tears and telling the audience: "I'm just happy that I made it this far."

Should she have gone farther? Did the right hopeful go home?


Jennel is truly talented, great voice!!! I don't know if she is a magnet in terms of attracting viewers to the show but I think she should have been kept!!! Now Lovato is out of talents in her category since Paige is not a great singer and Cece is... well... the weakest link... she haven't been able to show her "true talent"... as Britney said "Ï don't get it!"


paige should have point i think demi should really reconsider what she did with cece. i use to like her alot but i really think she changed alot, the last good performance was from the judges house i'm sexy and i know it, the rest i think it was just not her


........where is Mikaela Shiffrin, folks?


Cece, so proud of you. I liked you from day one. You are a great performer, entertaining, beautiful, and sassy. I loved your dark hair. Have confidence as some day you will be as big as Madonna. Also sassy.

@ Sonja

CeCe started with a bad attitude, now she is thanking her lucky stars that she didn't get axed.