Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery Pics: $16,000 Well Spent?

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She's not exactly Heidi Montag, but this isn't our first Farrah Abraham plastic surgery article. The Teen Mom star is unabashed about going under the knife.

Unlike Heidi, however, she's pleased with the results:

Farrah Before and After

The 21-year-old received a $16,000 rhinoplasty and chin implant from plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer in Bal Harbour, Fla., on October 7.

Money well spent?

Abraham first had a boob job in 2011, going from an A to a C cup. "After having a baby, my boobs went away. It hurt my self-esteem," she recalled last year.

"I didn't feel like I was woman enough anymore. I knew I could be happier. I think it's helped my confidence and for me to feel more like a woman."

"Today, my boobs are perfect."

The original incarnation of Teen Mom ended in August 2012 after four seasons; it also starred Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood and Maci Bookout.

Teen Mom 2 Season 3 premieres this month, while MTV is preparing to debut a new crop of youngsters: The Teen Mom 3 cast was recently unveiled.

Time will tell if any of the newbies follow in Farrah's footsteps.


This girl needs some SERIOUS help! She also needs to have that little girl taken away from her! She is the 2nd worst parent in the world! (next to that fat loser Amber) Seriously MTV, where did you find these idiots? Actually, everyone can CLEARLY see that Janelle & Amber came straight from the underpass along the freeway. What the hell is with that Janelle? Kind of hard to be on a show that focus's around being a "mother", when her mom has to raise that little boy, because Janelle can't seem to ever grow up! LOCK HER UP!!!!


Too young? Not at all. In NY it's normal to get surgery for your 16th birthday. (Especially if you have a big schnoz) it's not drastic but nice and subtle and makes a world of difference. Go Farrah!


all that plastic surgury is not going to make her a better model or look prettier... its her self estem doing that to herself... she is to young to get work done on her face chest or anywhere for that matter... she needs to spend that money on hospitality and socialoligy in collage.. good mom but harable at socializing


I love Farrah. She was beautiful before, she is beautifully now. Farrah is a strong young woman. She loves Sophi. She has a great head on her shoulders and will make as a great mom! She has a great support system, is needs them. Farraf! You and Sophi Jud go live your dreams. Be happy, respectfully and love each other. Y'all will be fine! Love, a big fan :)


Still looks like a horse to me.


She dosen't look any different.

Rhys branman

I think she looks good. Her surgery was done well, and she waited until she was 21 so the bones in her face could mature (I mean I don't know if she was actually thinking that, but it was a good idea). So Farrah looks great. Dr Rhys Branman
Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center

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