Celebrity Diets: What the Stars are Eating

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It is the job of a celebrity to look good, that's simply a fact in this image-obsessed culture of ours.

How do many of them do it? Here are a couple hints: it's not through QuickTrim and it's not through the Duggars Tater Tot Casserole Recipe. That thing is really high in calories.

For most stars, it's all about diet, as revealed below. Read on to learn how certain females maintain their figure through special meals or snacks...

Ashley Tisdale Bikini Picture
Lauren Conrad Bikini Picture
Anna Lynne McCord Bikini Photo

Ashley Tisdale eats fresh fruit for breakfast, along with an egg white omelet and whole wheat toast. The pros to this meal? Lean protein and whole grain, along with natural sugar.

Lauren Conrad snacks on a plate of hummus, sliced turkey, cucumbers and apples. Healthy and filling!

Annalynne McCord cooks citrus chicken for dinner, often with pasta and a side of spinach. The latter's fiber, folate and vitamin K is ideal for one's immune system.

Miley Cyrus goes with Mexican, but her secret is to use whole wheat tortillas instead of flour ones, and also to it fill them with skinless chicken in order to pack in the protein.

Can you ever sneak in a chocolate chip recipe? Absolutely, but it's all about moderation, people!

Adam perschbacher

To over simplify, just make sure you're burning the calories you take in. If you're not very active then you probably only need 1500 - 2000 calories a day. Whereas, an Olympic swimmer would consume close to 6000 calories on day he competes. It's all about moderation, eating healthy, and exercising regularly. There are other techniques you can follow but for the most part, start with the basics and work from there.


Not necessary to live on lettuce or a slice if turkey. Eat two normal meals a day and have a cracker or two if you are hungry. I have been a size 6 most of my life going to an 8 at times. Never diet. Not bragging simply a sensible way to live.