Where Do I Vote, American Electorate Wonders

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It's Election Day 2012, people, and according to search engines far and wide, a broad swath of the American public has one pressing question on its mind:

Where Do I Vote?

Where Do I Vote?

If you don't know the answer to this, here are FIVE helpful tips:

  • If you haven't moved since last election, it's probably the same place.
  • If you only registered to vote in 2012, your city or town's confirmation of that application should contain the location of your polling place.
  • Go to your state's elections website. There should be a field to enter your address and find out ASAP.
  • Call your city/town hall and ask the nice old lady who works there.
  • Drive over to your local elementary or middle school. It's probably there. Just go after 4 p.m., because if school is in session and that's not the place, then you just look sketchy.

Hope that helps. So who ya got??

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