White House Emails Show Militant Involvement in Benghazi Attack Claimed Just Two Hours Later

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Officials at the White House and State Department were advised just two hours after the September 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, that Islamic militants were responsible, according to a new report.


The emails, obtained by Reuters from government sources not connected with U.S. spy agencies or the State Department and who requested anonymity, specifically state that the Libyan group called Ansar al-Sharia claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The emails also show how U.S. diplomats described the attack on the U.S. Embassy by militants with suggested terrorist ties, which claimed the life of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, even as it was still underway.

Administration spokesmen, including White House spokesman Jay Carney, citing an unclassified assessment prepared by the CIA, maintained for days that the attacks likely were a spontaneous protest against an anti-Muslim film on YouTube.

While officials did mention the possible involvement of "extremists" for this "act of terror," they did not lay blame on any specific militant groups or possible links to al Qaeda or its affiliates until intelligence officials publicly alleged it on September 28.

U.S. intelligence officials have emphasized since shortly after the attack that early intelligence reporting about the attack was mixed, and the White House's responsehas become a point of contention during this month's presidential debates.

Spokesmen for the White House and State Department had no immediate comment.

Follow the link to read the full report by Reuters filed earlier Wednesday morning.


Both the President and Sect of State Clinton have attempted to keep this big lie under wraps with the pretense of investigation, but the facts are a large number in Washington knew this was a terror attack
within a couple of hrs but did nothing before, or during the attack to protect the personnel. Incompetence before, during, and now after to hide the truth.


"And the plot...thickens!" Awwww...can't we have the "Benghazi Gate Scandal" BEFORE the election????

@ Neech-Woo

Yeah- it thickens alright. There is no possible way this country can financially or mentally deal with an Obama win. To the core of the earth this country will stay divided. It will be ugly then each day it will get worse.


Well, duh! "Militants were involved"...Wow, that's big news? Obviously they weren't our friends who attacked and burned the embassy and killed four Americans.


Obama is such a damn liar you don't know what to believe. I do believe in Mitt Romney for President.