Teresa Giudice vs. Melissa Gorga: Behind the Hatred...

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It should come as no surprise to The Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers that Teresa Giudice dislikes Melissa Gorga. With a passion.

But what is the source for this total and complete hatred?

Teresa Giudice vs. Melissa Gorga

According to In Touch Weekly, it centers around Teresa's husband, Joe, who reportedly has a wandering eye for more than just Atlantic City hoes.

“When Melissa started dating Teresa’s brother, Joe would flirt with her and check her out whenever Teresa wasn’t looking,” a source tells the magazine. “Melissa always told me he was a ‘creep.’ He’s so disrespectful to Teresa, but she turns a blind eye.”

The insider goes on to claim Joe is well aware of his wife's resentment toward Gorga and his behavior, but "doesn’t care - he thinks he’s an attractive guy."

For a lot more on this totally unscripted feud, pick up the latest issue of In Touch Weekly.


I wouldn't doubt in a heartbeat that Joe would cheat on Teresa. What a disrespectful jerk. But I must say the old adage says, what comes around goes around. She has no regard for anyone's feelings but her own. I hate when she states continually that her cousin and brother went behind her back and got on the show. She doesn't own the show, Wake up CRAZY! Bravo makes all the decisions. If they made it on the show they felt they were right for the show at the time . Opportunities fell in place for them in Kathy's case cooking and Melissa with her recording. So it's an opportunity to make it whenever and wherever you are. This is the country where opportunity exists, you take advantage for the good of it. They're not hurting anyone. She's just so damn jealous and so apparently miserable in her own life that she can't stand seeing her brothers happy marriage, her cousins and all her so-called friends, whom I don't blame for getting her out of their lives. She's too stressful to be around. I couldn't deal with having to walk on eggshells every damn time I said something around her. She shows how highly insecure she is by taking offense over the most ridiculous things. She did nothing but give me a damn headache thoughout the last 2 seasons. The only ones I ever watched because I really got a kick out of the Manzo's., fun family, Joe Gorga, loves life and fun.. and the rest. Kathy is a doll and love her mom. What a sweet woman. I truly think Teresa gets her grudge holding from her father. Her father is not speaking to Kathy's mother because of some crap over $200.00 between him and his sisters husband who passed away. This is where she gets her low life crap attitude. Sorry, but it's like the saying goes, you grow up around that, you see it as a kid, you will most likely develope those traits. I don't blame Joe if he never speaks with her again. She want's nothing but bad for him and she's an ass.. I would love to see her leave the show. She leaves negativity and lies surrounding her. The topper was the disgusting grapes sex issue. That was sickening. She knew her hub was talking to a chick and she though by giving him a quick lay that it would take his mind off of it. She needs to wake up.. she's just with him because I don't think she thinks she can do better. Well, make your money now Teresa because your hub may be going away TO JAIL for a good while for pulling stupid pranks.. so that's the end of that, Now what?? I still can't believe she graduated even high school. Her English is beyond horrendous. I would be embarrassed if I were her and go back to school and take English classes. She's got no common sense and Gia has made it very clear that she's embarrassed by both of them. Case closed.


Joe gudiice is a slime big belly pregidis piece of hit along with his wife. Lying asshole


Teresa can't even spell a word, she is shallow, ignorant, double standar and very "savage" so...how come you pretend to get a definition about "bully" if she does not know the meaning of bully or any other word , therefore she can not explain it or spell it .... i would like to know if she realize that shows how low life (she is) to be call "c...." begging sex in a vineyard... she is a dirty woman no class and the worst part is "a stripper has more charm than her" , if the husband is unfaithful ...she deserved so he deserve to be with Teresa .... low life like him those two are very disgusting.....


my friends and i no longer watch n.j. housewives because of theresa is not nice.why is it bad behavier gets rewarded to much negetivity for us.good by theresa.thank your mom for her recipes.


This is the stupidest article I've ever seen. First, Melissa and Teresa are not enemies, They have differences and issues they need to work out. And there is no way Joe hit on Melissa...I could never believe such a thing.


..........is a strong woman.

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