Teresa Giudice Alleges Infidelity Against Husband of Jacqueline Laurita

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Pass the Xanax and prepare for another round of madness this Sunday night, as The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunite once again.

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    Housewives of New Jersey should be discontinued. They really are disgusting!!!! I enjoy the other Housewives.


    Jacqueline lost it completely! Her face, her personality! Hearing her voice in the reunion was so annoying! It's like hearing a 6th grader complain. It's so funny though, I know it's "reality tv" and everyone wants to put their best face forward even when they have skeletons in their closet, I feel like everyone is lying on the show there is no truth. This New Jersey housewife show is do juvenile. No maturity, no honesty, petty.


    Jacqueline is the most honest IMO, but she did not have to put herself in the position of being at the reunion. I believe that Tre' will be vindicated in the end although I'm not completely convinced that she has been completely honest in all things. I like Melissa as well as Kathy even if I do find her to be boring tv. Caroline, uhhh you are not nearly the same person as you were in the beginning...STFU sometimes! jeeeez

    @ boofypie

    Joes infidelity possibilities, Loosing friends and no longer having a woman to confide and run to, a brother that does not think for himself, a sister-in-law that is in the lime light and playing the victim. Let's see, Melissa now has a friendship with all of Teresas friends, her husband has nothing to do with his sister Teresa, Everyone is talking about how awful Teresa is because of her book, articles written, presumably setting poor Melissa up for being a stripper- oh by the way the club is a gentlemens club even though Melissa said it was not that type of club, COULD IT BE THAT MELISSA IS GETTING EVERYTHING SHE WANTS AND THAT IS ALL BY CHANCE NOT SOME DIRECTIVE THAT WAS PLOTTED? WHO IS STUPID? LOL

    @ Klsneary@gmail.com

    Melissa is EXACTLY like teresa!!!!! Trust me, they have the same nasty personalities only melissa tries to hide it. This was part of Melissa's master plan. She sent tapes of herself to bravo to get on the show also claiming that she'll stir up drama with teresa and embarrass her and "take her down". Joe gorga knew.


    Teresa acts like a child. With all of the crap going on in Jacquelines life right now she didn't need that comment about her husband cheating. Everyone's husband is cheating but Guidice. The most ignorant couple on TV are the Guidices. I think Tre is miserable and jealous, like a child, and is trying to make everyone else miserable.




    Life's a bitch when it comes back to bite you in the ass.
    Teresa and Joe are a perfect example of back alley trash, trying to lif=ve a life style of the rich and famous, only their riches are deceptively masked by stealing and tax avoidance. /liars/Cheaters/trash

    @ Victoria McGuire

    life is a bitch, but only REAL----jersey housewives know it!!!!

    @ barb

    anyone in west paterson / woodland park, agree? LOL...thats why we watch this bull, was thing of moving to smoke rise, but maybe i should head back to PATERSON where its safe


    Teresa is a habitual liar. Whenever someone accuses her husband, Teresa says the other husbands are cheaters. She's deflecting!
    I do know that since this show began, Joe Guidice has had trouble with the law. He's slimy. Leads a slimy life. For me, Teresa is like the little boy who cried wolf. she lies and lies..one day she'll tell the truth and no one will believe her.
    Slimy Joe has so much respect for his wife that he calls her the "c" word. But then again, Tre, the self described classy lady doesn't have a problem with the word. They're both pigs!


    " You asked me what you should do because my ex-husband cheated on me."
    Umm..I thought your husband did not cheat on you Jacq. Why would Tre say that to you unless he did. oops

    @ neighbor

    Neighbor...it was Jacqueline's first husband that cheated. Ashley's father.

    @ neighbor

    Pay attention, please! Jaq was married before, (Ashlee's father) and HE is the one who cheated on her, not Chris. Teresa Guidice is an emotionally stunted, intellectually challenged, morally bankrupt, soulless creature. No trace of humanity remains.

    @ neighbor

    It was Jacqueline's EX-husband, Matt Holmes, that cheated on her. Teresa is trying to make it appear that Chris Laurita, Jac's current husband, did the cheating. Typical malicious, deceitful behavior by Teresa in an attempt to deflect the attention away from her own cheating husband.

    @ dvrhwonj

    Chris Laurita cheated on his then fiancee, Jen, with Jac. Jac was pregnant, thus the reason for their quickie marriage.

    No one lies as much as Melissa Gorga. Check out "famewhorgas" on the web for the real dirt....

    @ Kim G

    Melissa gorga is as crazy as teresa and just as malicious. She TRIES to hide it. At this very point melissa got exactly what she wanted "victim". She taped herself saying she would destroy and take teresa down. I live in California, we have a saying, the prettier she is, the crazier she is.

    @ neighbor

    You do realize that Chris manzo is jaqueline's second husband right? Which means she has an ex husband right????

    @ Neighbor

    Ummm...no. Chris Manzo is NOT her 2nd husband, that's her nephew. Chris Laurita is her husband! You are an eff'ing moron!
    Her FIRST husband, Matt Holmes(aka her EX husband) is the one that cheated on her...not her current husband. What is it that you don't understand? 1 +1 =2, but that's probably over your head too!


    This is getting SO messy and vicious. ENOUGH before someone gets hurt and even worse. I am so done with all these stupid shows.

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