Joe Giudice: Caught Cheating on Wife?

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On the August 19 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe Giudice is either caught cheating on his wife or just being a total A-Hole.

Then again, why can't it be both?

According to In Touch, which has reportedly viewed scenes from the installment, Joe receives a phone call during a surprise birthday party for Caroline Manzo. He says it's related to "work" and gets up from the table.

Joe Guidice and Teresa Guidice

From there, the camera captures a frustrated/suspicious Teresa approaching her man and Joe responding by lowering his voice and telling the person on other end of the call:

“Here comes my bitch wife. She’s such a c-nt. I’m gonna hang up … I’ll talk to you, like, whenever.”

Evidence of infidelity? Or just hating on Teresa? Or just a nicely scripted few moments by producers?

No matter the answer, Joe Giudice has been anything but a saint in his marriage. He's been indicted on charges of fraud and he once frequented a strip club.

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Wow about Amanda's comments... Are we watching the same program??? I guess it is like that game you play in grade school called Telephone.. You are getting your own view out of what everyone else is seeing..LOL. It is sad that you cannot admit that Theresa is CLEARLY the villian this season. She has ALWAYS said very nasty things about Melissa. Even in the prior season's when Melissa wasnt even on the show. AND, she married Joe BEFORE he had all the money he has now.They have been married or at least together for 8 years... NOT days or months. Seriously??? WOW. I agree with Vika, I dont think life must be very good for you Amanda because birds of a feather flock together and for you to see Theresa in the light you do right now, you my dear are in denial right along with Theresa. I guess you also think like Theresa that her husband didnt just call her a CUNT on live TV. WOW to live in your world must be nice


She should be happy that her brother is happy. It is not like he just met Melissa a month ago. They are MARRIED over 8 years and have a family...For the sake of her family let it go. Let go of whatever jealousy's and insecurities you have Theresa and put that energy into your own household. We all know it is in dire need of repair! What a mess her own household is in. Her kids are beautiful but have ZERO respect and her husband is a loser, drunk and a disgrace.


Wow, this past season was crazy. I think Theresa is jealous of the relationship her brother Joe and Melissa have. I also think she is very Jealous of Melissa. I used to really like Theresa but no longer.I have lost all respect for her. And YES, she was 100% responsible for trying to set up Melissa. I have heard her personally at least 3 times ON AIR state that Melissa was a stripper in the past. SO WHAT...


I swear ladies Amanda is Theresa! LOL Caroline is a wonderful intelligent woman and her kids are loyal and not lazy! Ever work in the banquet business? Theresa has a hard road ahead Joe is mentally already checked out of this marriage! And none of those Pretty little bows are legitimately paid for! God bless those cute girls they are smarter than mom! Gia stay true and do not lie life will be good to you! Theresa come clean you can turn this around and be a great role model for the kids! And do not call Caroline's girl obese she is beautiful and has good things coming her way! Oh the jealousy!


Amanda is sick. Caroline is the only sane one. Teresa is dumber than a box of rocks, and hubby Joe is a lowlife ugly little troll.


Melissa puts up with Theresa for her husband's sake. Theresa is so messed in the head, she acts as if Joe is her husband not her brother. Melissa you and Joe are all beautiful couple. Joe tell your crazy sister to stay out of your marriage..


Amanda I think you are the one who needs a dose of hormones and a d**k in you. You sure sound very angry!Life doesn't treat you well?


(continued from 11:54 posting below) remotely make them look like either Caroline or her obese, nasty daughter. And, who in the world ever thought Caroline would be good at giving advice? Look at her family. They're a royal mess. What has she done right? Just because the kids aren't drug addicts or in jail doesn't mean she's a good mother or good decision maker. She raised three deadbeats, for God's sake. They're all grown, and not one of them is self-sufficient. Each one of these flunkees is relying on Mommy for their various loser ventures. She's single-handedly trying to set them all up with businesses so they can have their own income, but it ain't gonna work. Spoiled brats don't magically turn into responsible, hard-working entrepreneurs. (to be continued)


And, one more thing. And, yes, I do mean "thing." As for Jacqueline, she's as fake as you can get. She tries to put on this "trying to be a caring friend" act (which is getting very old, by the way), but any moron can see right through it. All she really is is a nosy beeeeeeach that wants to meddle in everyone's business. Then, when she's called out on it, she tries to put on this caring act and that she's "hurt." One word sums up Jacqueline's contribution to the world -- "Ashley." Need I say more? Thanks Jacqueline, for spawning such a wonderful specimen.


It's obvious that Teresa and Melissa are both jealous of each other and Joe Gorga's attention. They each want Joe to like them more than the other, and both have their ways of manipulating him. It's become a pissing contest to see who can do it better. Unfortunately for Teresa, Melissa can control him with sex. Honestly, I doubt Melissa would even have ever given the steroid-puffed midget a second glance if it weren't for his money. Teresa knows this, and it eats her up because she really cares about her brother. Joe Gorga, on the other hand, is so full of himself, that he really thinks that Melissa's attracted to him and loves him for who he is -- excluding his money. (to be continued)

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