Romney: "Completely Wrong" on 47 Percent Comment

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is again trying to distance himself from his infamous "47 percent" comment, calling it "completely wrong."

As opposed to "ineloquently stated," his original description of the quote.

Romney, whose comments were caught on video at a private fundraiser in May, says "the words that came out were not what I meant" and disavowed them.

His comments implied that 47 percent of voters are government-dependent, self-identified victims who will vote for President Obama no matter what.

In an interview with CNN, Romney said he'd work for "100 percent of the people," adding: "What was stated in the tape was not referring to what kind of president I'd be."

Trying to put the remark in context, he said, "I was talking about how you get 50.1 percent of the vote ... I'd like to get 100 percent of the vote, but I figure that's not going to happen."

"I was trying to tell contributors how I get to 50.1 percent. I think it's always a perilous course for a candidate to start talking about the mathematics of an election."

Romney dominated the presidential debate last week and has enjoyed a major bump in the polls as a result, with survey composites showing him virtually tied with Obama.

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