Presidential Debate: Who Won, Obama or Romney?

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The first of three 2012 presidential debates has come to an end.

Who do you think was the winner of the showdown in Denver?

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Presidential debates are hyped up as pivotal moments for campaigns, although this isn't always the case. Was it tonight? Did either candidate shine? Did neither?

What was the most meaningful exchange? Was this the game-changer Mitt Romney needed, or did President Barack Obama help his chances for re-election?

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Who won the first presidential debate of 2012?


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which of one of the responsility in win by obabma and romney?


GOP or DEM, just please dont take more of our money!!!
I just want to voice my opinion-the only reason I'll vote GOP is because of the tax! I would vote for a Dem who cut taxes like JFK in a heartbeat.
We own our own business work day and night, and many weekends yet we barely get by. We have 3 kids, have to pay for home mortgages and 2 cars. We take no vacation. We get almost no relief or deduction just because we make 300,000. We're struggling too! We pay a big chunk to the government and still they want more. Come Jan 2013 it's gonna be worse for us when the Bush tax cut expired. We even contemplated about getting divorced so our tax bracket would come down and I can get some benefits for the children. It's heartbreaking and so unfair that the gov just want to take more and more from us. We're labeled "the wealthy", "the rich".We are so exhausted and just want to save our hard earned money for our children. I wish a community like in "Atlas Shrugged" really exists...Sigh...


I have a suggestion that could fix all of this, so we wouldn't have to decide who won the debate of not. Personally, if we went back to the times where a president came serve until they died, we would have one heck of a government system. Maybe, if we got lucky, Bill Clinton would still be in office. He took care of us and he knew how to negotiate trade with people over seas. Our world would be so much happier and our lives would be a lot easier if Bill Clinton was still in office. So, forget Obama & Romeny, LET'S GO FOR BILL CLINTON.


Unfortunately, I do believe that Obama will be elected again. The people who receive gov't aid are going to be afraid to vote for Romney even though they see the damage Obama has caused. I keep hearing the "middle class this" and "the middle class that", but we need to wake up and realize that the LOWER class will ultimately be the decision makers about our country's future. The people who can't make good decisions for themselves will choose our president, how ironic. I am neither a democrat or republican, however, I am a hard worker, and I see that a lot of times my hard work doesn't pay off because of the state of our economy. We need someone who can balance this budget, and get us out of the hands of China. I just don't think Obama can do it. I like him, but I just don't see it. I understand that Bush left Obama ONE MESS to deal with, but it has only gotten worse. Let's let someone else give it a shot.


Have we lost all common sense, all rational judgment, how can we forget about all that obama did, did we forget all about bush and the mess he left the country in? I lost my house, my savings, my job, thx to him 5 years agoI and .... I didnt vote for Obama last election but I am glad he won and in all honesty I dont see any other alternatives but to reelect Obama. Shame on you Romney for thinking we are a bunch of dummies!!!


President OBama almost came undone on National TV. Narcissistic


Romney is for the rich people--Obama needs another term to get this country out of the mess that Bush put it into!!!


We dont know what is in the O care bill...but we do know that there is alot of crap in there that has nothing to do with health care. Did all you libs know that there is a 3.5% home sale provision that anyone selling their home after 2013 will pay our gov't 3.5% of the sale of your home to help pay for o care. Thanks to the dishonest o team who rammed it down our throats without the vote of our congress. Guess what else is in the bill that has nothing to do with healthcare....tons and hopefully we will not find out by having it fully in place. Let's just retire the guy...he does not have a clue what he is doing. The only thing he has gotten better at is his golf game..sure has been practicing that alot lately..


Congress, Senate and The President- its a 3 Branch Government. Obama doesn't understand that and he doesn't know how to reach across the table. Obamacare? What's in it? Does anyone know? I keep hearing about free Healthcare yet my understanding we are forced to buy this- again- what are we buying? Obama approach to the Middle East is ignore it- maybe it will go away! The media has coveted him from the moment he took office and only until the debate did we see how out of touch he is. There can be only 2 reasons a person would vote for Obama- STUPIDITY AND RACISM- it's amazing how many stupid whites there are and I've never seen so many blacks that never really cared about politics until the last 4 years. It's obvious who's got a dog in the fight.


Romney won? He didn't even make Maths 101. With time he' ll learn you can mislead few for some time, many for few time but not all for all time. Well, I can pity his efforts, excuse his hair style, understand his Ken efforts but I m not Barbie. I can think, add, subtract and intellectually Romney is erratic and most of the time doesn't t make sense. As for me - incidentlyi I'm schooled, pay taxes and live of salary- it will be cool Obama. Result of the debate.

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