Mitt Romney on Obama Voters: Entitled Losers!

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A secretly recorded video has emerged in which Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney can be heard apparently disparaging voters - specifically those who support President Barack Obama - at a private dinner with donors.


The GOP nominee can be heard (and seen, albeit far away) positing that "47 percent" of Americans do not pay any income taxes, consider themselves victims, feel entitled to handouts and would never even think about voting for him anyway.

"I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives," Romney says of Obama's "huge advantage." Take a look below:

Responses to this will likely fall into one of two categories:

  1. The truth hurts! He's just stating facts! People are such leeches!
  2. Wow, what an out of touch monster! He hates half the country!

The truth is probably somewhere in between, with the main takeaway being that Mitt's words were not chosen particularly well, especially in this media age.

Whether or not he harbors disdain for 47, 48, 49 percent of the country ... did he learn nothing from Obama's "cling" controversy four and a half years ago?

What do you think of Mitt's remarks, and who are you voting for in 2012? Share your thoughts, opinions and commentary on the campaign with us below...

UPDATE, 9/18: Addressing the controversial video, Mitt Romney stood by the comments, while conceding that he did not articulate his point very elegantly.


Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan: Snyder is quite uneklliy to be the vice-presidential choice (his name has not been linked with any vice-presidential buzz), but I can't think of another candidate who brings what he does to the table. He's a businessman, who won many surburban votes in his 2010 run for governor, and he's from the rust belt. Snyder connects with rust-belt voters in a way that Romney will never be able to – and a win in Michigan would be a major blow to Obama's hopes of re-election. The problems with Snyder is, again, relative lack of experience: a Romney-Snyder ticket would tally years served in elected office at less than six years. He may also be too moderate.


lie! you haven't paid $1.84 for gas since 2001 when 9/11 happened.


Are the people who are supporting Romney on this site the same people who voted for Bush to have a second term. Wise up. He's dangerous and has no allies in the western world.


At least have an intellectually honest debate. Mitt Romney is talking about income tax, not TAXES! 2 thirds of the people on that list of his pay significant payroll taxes, but do not make enough to pay income tax, or get a tax break for other reasons (soldiers, the elderly). If you are a single income home with a young family and a middle class job, this is probably you. How do you equate a family that is completely above board and living frugally on limited income, to someone on welfare. It's not the same thing. Once we called these family the "Backbone of America`` in all reality a country where everyone makes $100,000 plus would be nice, but isn't going to last long before it collapses. But in all seriousness if he feels this way, then campaign on opening up the tax code. Be specific, what loop-holes are you closing, where are you putting the levels. Is it a flat tax, what about the capital gains tax?


Romneys dad was on welfare, his father depended on the government to allow Romney to be born with that silver spoon in his mouth that he thinks we all should. All that needs to be known is that 47% that Romney insulted included the disable, men and women on social security, the elderly, and veterans. All of those groups included democrats and republicans plain and simple. Not to mention he insulted his dad how hypocritical is that?


Sometimes telling it like it is can cost. 47%- that includes disabled, veterans, social security recipients,etc and whites, blacks & coloreds living off the govt when they could be working. But Mitt made no distinction. Why?? Because there is none 4 him. Like many conservaturds he don't give a damn about people unless there in the big leagues, big enuf 2 set up tax shelter entitlements like his Caymen Island deal. My...your man Romney really told on himself. The process works, whose who & what's what gets revealed before we get to the finish line. He already wrote off the 47% he rejected. But he forfeited percentage points off the remaining voters. Thanks Mitt u did it 2 yourself


@ Maggie Jesus! You're voting for a man who's name you can't even spell correctly! It figures!


I'm still voting for Obabma!!!!!!!!!Go home Romney, he is so full of it, you can see it in his eyes that he not an honest man!!!!!


Romney's great! He told it like it is! Gosh! He's showing more gumption than I thought he could! Nope. Don't wanna not only support that 47%....I don't want to see that percentage rise higher if Obama would win another 4 yrs. I don't find Socialism appealing or even "sexy" like some lib-turds do. Socialism SUCKS! Capitalism ROCKS! Romney in 2012!


hellooooo, so if hussein gets re-elected, who will he blame all the problems from the last 4 years on???? 4 years ago i paid $1.84 for gas. today i paid $4.19 for the cheap gas, and that is just a minor problem. all you lazy good for nothings out there get off your fat butts and get a job and get a life. i suppose you won't though as long as he makes sure you all get your "due" from me and other honest working people making their own way and a life for themselves and their families and supplying the taxes to take care of you and all your kids by many different fathers....AAHHHH. thank you. i feel soooo much better

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