Kate Middleton Naked Photo Scandal Mortifies, But Empowers Duchess

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Upsetting as the release of photos of her naked at a private villa has been for Kate Middleton, they've actually helped her self-image, according to reports.

Kate Middleton Dressed
Kate Middleton's Dress

Insiders say the Duchess of Cambridge has never been very confident about her body, and once the initial shock of the Kate Middleton topless pictures' release dissipated, support - and positive feedback - from Internet users and the public has boosted her confidence.

“Kate has always been insecure,” a source said.

“While she wasn’t amused that the world’s media published photos of her topless and naked, she has been given something of a boost from the whole scandal."

“Kate has seen some of the positive comments about her body on the internet. It’s made her feel much more positive. But she’ll be more careful in the future.”

She does look good. However, this isn't to say that the Kate Middleton nude photos are being embraced by the royal family, least of all by the Duchess herself.

She is said to be terrified she has ruined her reputation and embarrassed her husband after she was exposed in a new series of completely bottomless photos.

“Kate is mortified,” a source said.

“Since she met William, she’s constantly been on guard. When they used to go away with friends, Kate would lecture everyone on what not to do in case there were photographers.”

The 30-year-old future Queen is devastated at the thought of upsetting the royal family and can’t stop apologizing since the photos of her leaked.

Does she have any reason to? Tell us in the comments below.


If you can see her from the road, at the private residence of the cousin of queen Elizabeth, in a foreign country, she may as well have stood in Trafalgar Square. There is nothing private about this location. It is unheard of in any other royal household for the last 1000 years for the wife of the King to stand naked outside at the pool of any house . She is an unfit role model and should be sent to the tower for bringing shame on the crown. I don't know what William was thinking, but clearly her spell on him is overpowering. She will be his downfall I am afraid to say.

@ eno

Really? You are going to judge her on that. There are far more important things to judge someone on whether they are fit or not to marry a Royal. I take it you have never made a mistake in your life.


I was excited for the royal family to make a come back through the addition of Kate as Prince William's wife. But this on the the heel of Prince Harry's wild night out seems a bit much. How does someone who has been cautious of her every move suddenly undress for sun bathing knowing that photographers trail her every move. Photos of their honeymoon was leaked one year after (proof to them that they are never alone) and she does this. I love the idea of Kate, her fashion choices, her ability to catch Prince William's eye and erase the horrible preconceived ideas of Prince Charles and Camillia but this just seem out right stupid. Was this some tactic and if so why and what did it accomplish. She feels empowered by comments about her body that is positive. That is sick and speaks to the claims of those who say she loves to be in the spotlight. Shame on you Kate. You have really deminished by opinion of you. I hope this comment does cause you feel less empowered.

@ sad4u

It's a shame, but I just can't take her seriously any more - especially with the bottomless photos! Why would anybody get changed outside? It is cringe-making. She has been doing a great job, but I think she has been thrust in to the public arena a little too much and often. I'd still like to see some of the other royals occasionally!! We have seen enough of her (!) for now.


Those 2 lovely people were attacked in their private lives. Those who are responsible,the photographers and editors should be made to suffer the pain and humiliations that they inflicted on those two. How? Use your imaginations. I can count the ways.............

@ philisle

no SOMEONE showed poor taste in stripping naked in full view of a public road; the press have done the right thing to report what she is REALLY like, considering her station in life.


These young people have revitalized the image of the royal family. They are charming, devoted to each other and their country, and a handsome pair to boot. II am here to tell you that they were stalked and every effort made to humiliate them, all for cheap money. SOMEONE showed very poor taste in taking the pictures, and those who ogled them should be as ashamed as the photographer should be. Privacy is a nonexistent thing on the Internet and with today's press. We each must police our own desire to snoop, because apparently the media doesn't.


Kate and will are both very loving people, why shouldn't they want to love each other in a physical sense. Both of them are innocent victims, they should put the photographer under the jail and all those that prined the pictures. Will and Kate will be a Great King and Queen !!! :0)

@ Skeeter

The King and Queen are in charge of the CHURCH OF ENGLAND, so I think NOT! They should do those things in their bedroom where my children cannot access pictures of their physical love on the internet! There are no victims. They played the press fame game and they were taught a dear lesson. Don't excuse bad behaviour.

@ loser

dont be silly. the king and queen are not in charge of the church of england. the MONARCH (singular) is the head of the church of england, but this is constitutional and not controlling.


The Duchess hasn't done anything wrong. She did what most people would do when they have their private moments. Furthermore, she was with her husband and they were enjoying their honeymoon. The photographer and the publishers are the villains. They do not understand the term 'private'.


Kate is a lovely LADY and did nothing wrong...the villains here are the photographers and the publishers and I hope the search for them is continued. The life of the royals should have private moments! And, thank you for putting out some positive information about this whole travesty.


I completely agree with you Ms Billie !!! Actually if this happened to me, my husband would hunt him down and beat his or her dumbass himself!!! Then I would kick him or her a few times as he or she layed crying on the ground!!!!! Complete invasion of privacy. Period. They were not in a public place. We go to cabins and chalets at least twice a year and in the hot tub too, if a photographer was there hidden in the hills and woods he would get the same kind of photos. When woman is with her husband in a private place, they are allowed, by God and men, to do what they want and if they are happily married , they will do certain things if they want. It's their right as a married couple in private. Not out in public, on a beach or in the front yard of your house, maybe the backyard lol, I don't care who you are, when you are in a private residence , it is private! When you are staking out a person , it's called stalking!!! I'm done with it. !!!!!


She has nothing to be ashamed of she's a beautiful lady and she was on her honeymoon at a private villa. Lets remember this lady's privacy was invaded by a stupid ass jerk that just wanted to make money from the photos. I hope they find out who took the photos and send his dumbass to jail.


Why apologize, William was right by her side and he never told her to cover up!

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