Kate Middleton Bottomless Photos: More to Come?

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The release of Kate Middleton nude photos in Scandinavia was the latest chapter of the recent royal scandal, but will it be the last we hear of the bottomless and topless pics?

Kate Middleton, Prince William Together

For celebrity gossip publications, the controversial pictures are the gift that keeps on giving. For the royal family, it's starting to look like a nightmare that will never end.

A blogger for the The Telegraph (UK) reports, "Newspaper pictures editors tell me there are as many as 270 pictures being hawked around." So far, we've seen 24.

The photos "feature both the Duchess and Prince William naked" and the palace fears that "the pictures are stills from a video." In which case ... look out.

A video could be even more cringe-worthy for obvious reasons (although we doubt it's a sex tape), but it's the inclusion of William himself that could pour gasoline on this fire.

Kate Middleton Bottomless

Already fiercely protective of Kate Middleton because of his mother Princess Diana's endless battles with paparazzi, she's surely pretty broken up about this as is.

When and if he's a victim of it as well? The gloves, as well as Kate's bikini, could really be coming off then. Beware, any European tabloids who go there!

What's your take on the Kate Middleton topless scandal? Do you feel really bad for her?

Or are you over it? Or is Morrissey right that the royal family is utterly useless anyway?

Discuss in the comments below!


It doesn't matter if they are in the public eye or not, they deserve their privacy. The press as usual is out of hand and their needs to be some laws passed that stops this obscene violation of people's privacy, in order to make a quick buck. I find it appalling that people would even believe this is alright, how different it would be if they woke up to find that someone had zoomed in with a camera and got pictures of them naked and splashed all over the media. Doesn't matter if it was indoors or out they should feel safe, especially when they were in complete privacy and the photographer had to climb onto the property, hide and zoom, zoom to get these photos. Our society is becoming to lean when it comes to privacy and those that take pleasure at such thing will find that they will have the last laugh. It doesn't matter if they are Royals or the neighbor down the street they have the right to a life free from invasion of their privacy, just like you and just like me.


Catherine, about brain dead gits---look at yerself dere girl. The pics were NOT in their own home, but on vacation (yes, at a private location, but not their home) and they were NOT inside the home, but outside. And nobody owns the air outside, honey, people can look any direction they want. And a public road was only half a mile away. I do agree about privacy in your home whether a celebrity or not, but ,duh, people are people and we have to be aware that this could happen to anyone. So we are responsilbe for the risks we take.


Seriously, I think she had it coming. A public road within a half mile, what did she expect? In her position, she should know to be carefull. Even if you're not a celebrity, it's a risk. If you accept the risk, accept the consequences as well.


Cathrine, as much as i agree with you on the brain dead gits thing, that isn't the issue. The paps are willing to break any laws for money because they feel it is their God given right to put people of high accolaide in their place. Therefore the fault not only lies with the paps themselves but the editorials that publicly post these. Here in the US, as I am sure also exists in the UK, we have a law that protects the private properties of citizens. However these swindling rat paps think they themselves are above the laws. Legal hits to said publishers should also include this law of breaking privacy boundaries to really give the paps a low blow.


Carolina, here is a bang up idea for you and Lady A...do the world a favour and go kill yourselves. There are enough idiots in this world and being rid of the pair of you would be a great step towards a world without brain dead gits. Who cares if they are public figures. Those photos were taken in the PRIVACY of their home. I bet you wouldn't be singing the same tune if you were in Kate's shoes and photos of you at home were thrown into every publication. The pair of you are probably an old, bitter skags with saggy tits and wish you could be Kate anyways.


The reality is that people in the public eye need to know that their lives are not private. For a woman that could be the future wife of the king of England, she needed to know that she can be naked only in her bathroon or bedroom. She was not careful. Big mistake.


just leave them alone !


Famous people have the right to privacy when they are not on display to the public. This couple was at a private home in the middle of nowhere. They should be able to expect some privacy, although after their prior experiences, they might have realized the danger. However, the fault lies with the invasive photographers. Leave the couple alone!


please pay attention, you americans.
this is the look of a european woman.


Morrissey is right. These useless parasites, at least
they should be smarter, and take on the obligations with their positions, not only the privileges....Paparazzis are everywhere, even a 5year old knows that, real CLASSY celebrities never get into a situation like this....This pathetic
couple, they don't deserve a ''normal life'', they don't
work for it....By the way, what's the fuss? Skinny
Middleton's boobs are as flat as the Great Alberta Plain....not much to see there...Noblesse oblige....
How would she know that? She is not nobility, just
an ambitious ,phony social climber....

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