Morrissey Rails Against Prince Harry & Kate Middleton: Absolute Useless Idiots!

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Morrissey? Not a big fan of the royal family.

No stranger to controversy, the legendary Smiths frontman is slamming the monarchy in the wake of the Prince Harry and Kate Middleton nude photo scandals.

He does not mince words. Like at all.

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Kate Middleton Clothed

"I wasn't surprised by Prince Harry in Vegas because he's always been an absolute idiot," Morrissey said in an interview with the Herald Sun in Australia.

"The monarchy is foremost a business."

"It's important to them that the British public continue to finance the excessive luxurious lifestyles of the now quite enormous, wasteful and useless 'royal' family. I find it very sad."

The outspoken musician didn't even spare the beloved Duchess of Cambridge, even though the infamous Kate Middleton photos were an invasion of her privacy.

"They are all the most dysfunctional, unpleasant and arrogant people on the planet. A sour soap opera, and they should just resign and retire," the 53-year-old added.

"Can you imagine how the Prime Minister of Argentina viewed [Prince Harry naked] in Vegas? Or the Pope? Or the Archbishop of Canterbury?"

We really can't, no.



Well said, Morrissey. Bet Harry thinks all his Xmases and birthdays have come at once now the heat is off him on onto his sister-in-law!


Shame on that old bitter so called singer, he doesn't have any respect to anyone, if he thinks that he wants to taste his 15 minutes of fame, I'll give 2 minutes max ! Obviously this idiot doesn't have anything good about himself that's why he opened his mouth and saying bad things about other people. I feel sorry to this guy, whoever he is !

@ Nickigoddess

I feel sorry for you.

@ Nickigoddess

Respect????? They deserve no respect. I agree with what he says 100%. A total waste of money. They aren't needed.


Idiot like this crap never understand value of monarchy "Authority without power" look at the countries in Europe which has monarchy how graceful they are Sweden Norway Denmark Holland Spain Belgium UK etc. British monarchy is earning far more than cost for country that's the fact idiots can't see it .......


The Brits need to wise up! For years they have been supporting these idiots, making them millionaires. And for what? They don't do a damn thing,,,


Absolutely true,the british monarchy is a useless institution! Kate also knew there were paparazzi following her so she delibarately showed us her tiny flat breasts!eeew,they made me throw up!

@ Zena

I dont believe for ONE minute that kate or william though there would be any issue of their privacy. They arent stupid and they would never have purposely done that!!!


Finally...someone got the courage to speak the truth. The royal family is nothing but a leech that is sponging off all the finances of a bankrupt country. Shame that people still follow them.


What does KATE stand for? Getting her man by taking her clothes off. No talent. No brain.No job. No career. No good ideas. Just this thin lipped grinning face (cos her mouth looks ugly when not grinning) flat chest, muscly arms, slim hipped, clingy desperado - nice addition to this smug family of parasites.


He may have said it harshly but what he said is quite true unfortunately. I mean in this age there is no more need for royal family. Sure they help people out but the people paying the taxes are helping them out even more with their luxurious lifestyle they are having. To me Queen Elizabeth did an amazing job as a Queen. I can tell she took her role seriously. But with Kate Middleton and Harry they seem nothing more like celebrity. What they did was extremely stupid ( I mean who bathes naked outside when she is THIS famous) and I say they have no right complaining since it's their tax they are living on.

@ Corn Dog

soooo well said!!!! bravo! just my words

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