Kate Gosselin Denies Reality TV Caused Jon Split, Says Marriage Sucked Anyway

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Kate Gosselin doesn't blame reality TV for her marriage collapsing.


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    Please stop putting this woman on the airwaves. She is a talentless ego with nothing to offer. She's not news, she's an irritant. She will soon be as hated as Casey Anthony.


    There are sites on the internet that show Kate denying her kids a drink of water when she asks for some for herself and none for the kids. There is a site where she is grabbing one of the little girls and then beats her on the rear. It looks like she is pulling the child's arm from its socket.

    No one wants to watch Kate "run" her house, shop, travel, buy the kids shoes or God help us DATE! Networks would have to pay men MILLIONS just to take her out to dinner. She is a miserable SKANK!


    Doesn't she realize that everytime she attempts to get herself in the news that she generates BAD publicity? All of the book editors and tv production companies read these bad comments and each time she is in the news, her chances for further employment diminish. In addition, no hospital would ever hire this witch to care for their patients. She might get a job as a greeter at Walmart or Target but even they have standards that would exclude Kate.


    The woman needs to quit whoring herself out and she needs to get a job to support her litter. Nobody is interested in her pathetic life!!


    You know, Kate keeps saying it's all for her kids, her kids do not have to live in such a huge elaborate home, she does not have to wear glamorous clothing, she has just become materialistic and doesn;t want to admit to it. For her kids , she needs to just have a down to earth "normal" life. I'm not saying poor, but come one, she's just saying it's or her kids , it's an excuse to hide behind her hunger for fame and fortune, lets just be real about this. I hope to God she opens her eyes.


    Shouldn't we concentrate on what's important. Kate picked up her 2 year old child by the hair for eating 2 M&MS !! There is so much more incidents of child abuse according to Kate Gosselin herself! And for those people who would date Kate go watch the first show and that's the real Kate !! Her personality and temperament are much , much worse!
    BTW, did the writer who wrote this article work at Penn State???


    I for one have always liked Kate...I am in-titled to my opion(please forgive the spelling mistakes)...I have always enjoyed the TV shows that she has been on. I have always been captaivated by the engery it takes to raise her childern and to do a good job at it...I for one think she has done a good job...She has done the "Americian Dream"...she took what she had and worked with it!!!! Come on people...how much would you hate her if she just sat on her butt and asked for welfare and food stamps!!??? If she was back on T.V., YES I WOULD WATCH!!!!! Katie, please do not let people hurt you...keep on doing what it takes to be finacinaly stable...I for one like you and admire your hard work!!! "YO GO GIRL"!!!!

    @ Donna

    Donna, Kate does not raise her children. She has had an army of help since day one. We're talking nannies, housekeepers, personal chef, laundry people, gardeners, PR people..the list goes on and on. She grifted from churches when she was already a multi-millionaire, crying poor and cheating hard working people out of their money who couldn't afford it. She is a child abuser. This is all documented IN HER OWN WORDS!! She picked her son up by the hair and spanked him as hard as she could then "whipped" him into his crib! She sent out letters to her neighbors begging them to pay her utility bills. Sheesh! I could go on and on! Have you been living under a rock??


    the marriage sucked because she was a COMPLETE control freak and a COMPLETE B***H to her husband!! Go back and watch them Kate.. you were condescending and demasculinizing!

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