Kate Gosselin: Looking for Love, Reality TV Fame

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Run and hide, men around the world. Kate Gosselin wants to find love again.

And, hey, if it comes along with the fame and fortune of another reality TV run, the mother of eight won't object.

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Not long after expressing sorrow for her former life and series, Gosselin is shopping a dating show around to the networks, according to E! News.

"She is ready to get back into the dating game," an insider says of Gosselin. "She is ready to find love again and to move on from her past. She's excited, this is a chance to start something new."

The source adds that Gosselin is having trouble tracking down Mr. Right in her everyday life (maybe because she's a terrible person) and is even willing to "travel around the country" as part of the program.

Kate and ex-husband Jon Gosselin are on great terms these days and the country is clearly clamoring for at least one of them to step into the spotlight again. No, wait. It's the exact opposite.

What would you title a Kate Gosselin dating show?


ok everyone chill, she is just a mom trying to take care of her kids. she has made a few mistakes but who hasnt? o i guess your all perfect parents


Kate Gosselin is nothing more than a self absorbed, self entitled, self serving money grubbing fame whore. She will stop at nothing to remain in the media one way or another. She reeks of desperation. Such a LOSER!


I would name the show:
"Network Race for the Bottom"....and they're trying to drag society along with it. Anyone who would waist a single moment of their lives to watch such garbage should NEVER have the chance to even wish that they could get that moment back.


Well, she does look awesome. I doubt the improvement in her appearance will help much, her diva aura stinks


"Kate Humiliates Her Eight"-perfect name for her new show.


Hey Joseph, you might want to consider coming here to Reading, PA and watching your girl Kate in action before you pledge your undying love to her. What you see on TV is NOT what you get in real life. You're insane if you believe she is Mother of the Year. She's never with those kids unless she's being filmed-they're with their father or more likely the nannies. It saddens me to no end that you don't mind being with someone who would punch you for breathing too loudly. Anyway, if you're lucky to make the cut (and I believe you have a great chance since no one else wants this monster) I beg you to move her far, far, far away from Reading because we cannot stand her. We're done with her and her B.S. YOU can have her.


Wouldnt call her show as anything your right ms.Terry she needs to focus on all 8 of those kids and stop looking for fame anywhere she can get it.


How do you get on this show i'm the perfect man for her. I have two boys they are 24 and 8 the oldest son is in the army and going over seas in sept for 9 months. My youngest son is with me and a great baseball player he can throw 50 mph.Their names are Sean 24 and Aidan 8 great boys.


Kate Gosselin needs to concentrate of raising her children and nothing more. Talk about someone who can't stand being out of the spotlight...geeze!!!


Having to wait for that date, Kate

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