Jill Zarin Compares Real Housewives of New York City Firing to Death

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Jill Zarin was fired from The Real Housewives of New York City last year. And it's safe to say the reality star took the news hard. Very hard.

"It felt like my funeral," Zarin told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live last night. "I was heartbroken."

Among the many other topics covered by Zarin in the interview:

  • Her fights with Bethenny Frankel were staged for ratings.
  • Her feelings on newbies Aviva Drescher, Carole Radziwill and Heather Thomson.
  • Her take on whether she can be replaced on the series: "You can't replace me! You can try, but you know you can't replace me."

Watch the embarrassing interview in its entirety now:

R itch

i couldnt disagree with andy so much, the RHONY is a complete flop since they got new housewives how can you say its toxic compared to atlanta and new jersey


I love romona she is epic beutiful and so funny with her looks when cross i miss jill to and alex to not kelly sshe a weird 1likin new serise its ok so hope it carrys on want housewives if orange county back too xx


Just watched the new episode of RHNY and sorry it was lame, bring back old cast Jill, Alex, Kelly etc. It was great so why try to fix it if its working. it was addictive I will not be watching anymore pretty boring now. Love Sonja and Alex is so refined.


Who does Aviva think she is? Judgmental, egotistical, self centred, rude. All she wants to do is argue like a spoilt brat in the schoolyard!


Jill should come back. I don't understand why the others demand Jill to change when they themselves don't have to. Jill, be as you are! It is good that Bethany and Alex are no more in. It is unbearable to watch Alex.


In all my years of television, I have never viewed anything like the interview with Jill Zarin and Andy Cohen. Andy, God Bless You for your ability to stay cool and collect. Jill, you are a true star only in your mind. You may have followers, however you seemed to think BRAVO needed your suggestions as though you were a Producer. How long could we watch you make every episode about YOU. Including the awful Holiday show where you skated.Wasn't it enough when cast members turned against you? No. It was not interesting to watch your sister. You have a wonderful,loving husband who clearly adores you and a daughter who rises above the challenges of her Mother. No, it was not fun to watch your Mother argue, but she holds her own well, God Bless her. You are not the be all of the show and people just get tiried of you thinking you are. There is a reason you were not brought back Jill. Learn to be more humble and maybe we will like you.

@ tkwolfe

tkwolfe...I agree with your comments, to a point. Everyone of these women on this programme were Prima Donna's.....swept away by the fame of reality TV. To single out Jill is a little unfair....Kelly was the worst for me - she definitely needs to seek help, she has issues that require an expert. Although I saw mental flaws in all of the ladies, and I felt for all of them at some point during the series. I watched this from the UK not USA, and at times I could not believe what I was seeing. These are affluent women, who do not to worry about bills etc, with homes in the Hamptons. LuAnn bleating about her divorce and not being able to afford a smal house in NY, but she still has the house in the Hamptons? LuAnn who proclaims to be a 'countess'. Come on USA look up the history of titles. You will find the she is considered as 'la fausse noblesse'. A faux/fake title.....her husband is not recognised in the French aristocracy, not even in the 1911 title of aristocrats...look it up. Therefore, they do not come from 'royalty' . We in the UK have REAL Counts and Countesses; real Dukes and Duchess; Lords and Ladies; Earls; Baroness and Barons; Queens; Princes; Princes/Princess etc all too numerous to mention .....all from centuries of history who have earned the title. LuAnn decided to bring out a book on the life of a 'countess'. On entertaining: Hello....I watched the table manners and etiquette of all of the housewives and they were sadly lacking. LuAnn if you want to learn correct table manners and etiquette at a dinner party...then you have to come to UK - or ask me!


Jill the show isn't the same without you


when will be broadcasted ' The Real Housewives Of Witchita'?

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