Happy 31st Birthday, Tila Tequila!

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Tila Tequila turns 31 years old today and the former reality star has many things for which to be thankful.

Namely, that she's still alive.

The former reality star, who was likely chosen in many Celebrity Death Pools, has spent time in rehab and even faked her own suicide once. She makes Kim Kardashian look like someone NOT in need of attention.

Tila Tequila Strikes a Pose

But Tequila has now made it over three decades on this planet and that in itself is a worthy accomplishment for this troubled young woman.

Let's hope the worst is behind her and let's all send Tila our very best birthday wishes. We've created the following photo montage in her honor:

Tila Tequila in Red
Tila T.
Tila Tequila, Fully Dressed
A Future Goddess?
Legs Wide Open
A Gross Carpet
Tila in NYC
Red Carpet Mess

Happy Birthday Tila!! I have been through allot too but always know "this to shall pass". You are a very beautiful person and its okay for you to be who you are! I want to wish you many more wonderful birthdays to come...


Happy Birthday Tila. In many ways, when I listen to your views, and opinions, you remind me of Shirley McClaine. God bless you. (wealth is greater than "fame")


Happy birthday Tila I love u!!!!!!

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Tila Tequila got famous via MySpace and used this fame pose for Playboy and Penthouse. She's also starred in the aptly named MTV reality... More »
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They are much hotter this time. Before season 1, I didn't know that I would be into the dikish kind of girls. I thought I was only into lipstick lesbians. But the show actually helped me open up and I realized that I do like the butchy girls a lot.

Tila Tequila [on season two contestants]

I think nerdy stuff is sexy. I like to watch the History Channel and learn about the universe, quantum physics and stuff like that.

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