Emily Maynard and Jef Holm: Behind the Break Up

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Emily Maynard and Jef Holm are officially over and you simply won't believe the reason why:

Because one half of this Bachelorette-based couple was in the relationship for publicity reasons only. We know! This is the first time that's ever happened in series history!

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Interview Pic

Previous reports alleged that Maynard was miserable in the relationship, turned off by Holm's reluctance to serve as a father figure to her daughter Ricki.

But sources now tell Us Weekly that Holm was simply too "fame hungry," wanting to "go on Dancing with the Stars" and to attend restaurant openings over spending time with his fiancee and her child.

Considering this is the second engagement ring she has given back, the insider adds that Emily is "sad and embarrassed" by how everything fell apart with Jef.

But she may get a chance to make it right with someone else! ABC producers reportedly want her back as The Bachelorette. Yes, AGAIN.

Melody patterson

OMG...Emily is the one in it for her 15 mins of fame!!!! Jef already has a fantastic business and career. You sure don't see stories about him but you do her!!! Make her go away please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow there are a lot of miserable people in this world. I can't believe how horrible some of these comments are. Show me someone who never made mistakes or bad decisions in their lives and I will show you an angel! Emily was definitely the best bachelorrete I've seen so far. She is definitely more mature that most girls her age and needs a mature man to compliment her lifestyle. It is nobody's business who she dated in the past, how long she dated them or how she gets her money. There are a lot of haters in this world. Everyone deserve to find love, why can't she. I wish her and Ricki the best. God has a plan for all of us and her true love will come in due time. Your words are a reflection of who you really are. People need to look in the mirror before throwing stones at others.


Lets face it some people just need the spot light. The best and will never be happy. Even if she had Ricky back should would leave him she has little Rikki the money holder till she turns 18




Emily is an out and out golddigging liar. She was onlyt 'dating' Rickyt Hendricks for a few months when she purposely got pregnant to ensnare his money. She does not work at all and she lied about working for a children's hospital. In 2002 (2 yearsd before Ricky died) he gave an interview and he said that he had no girlfriend and that racing is his only love. If you look at the pictures of Emily & Ricky you will notice that they are the same age in all the pictures...only two or 3 changes of clothes and she didn't have fancy french manicures like the photoshopped one with her so called engagement ring that turns from pink to clear in some pic.

@ truth or dare

People watched the show because Emily is not only beautiful, but has some life principles and manners. She handled herself well, with self-respect, and she put her daughter first in her bachelor choice. If you have to look at a person's engagement ring to see if it has clarity, you are looking incredibly hard. I can only wonder why you don't like Emily, or what you think she did to you. Too bad a woman can't be born with a Barbie figure or obtain one, without being vilified by other women. So she only dated Ricky for a short time before their engagement. That's their business. Emily didn't have to get money from Ricky or the Hendricks, she came from enough money already. It's not a sin to be beautiful or rich, but I'm wondering why people are thought of as evil because they are blessed. I think Emily was one of the best representatives of women on the Bachelorette. She's a Christian and acted like one. The rest is gossip.

@ Not Fair

I agree 100%. I would love to see her a third time. So these people are saying once a realtionship fails a person is suppose to quit finding love.Emily will find her man but in my opinion she needs an older man and a more mature man than ABC is presenting her with.


ABC is trying to put a spin on this so that their greedy fame whore cash cow Emily plastic barbie can continue to make them more money. So what if Jef went on to promote his company and have some fun on Dancing with the Stars. What else did he get from being on that ridiculous show for free...oh yes, a second hand used 40year old appearing Barbie doll and another man's child...wow what a prize. Oh they are going to try to vilify him to sanctify a woman who has slept with more men than kIM Kardashian.

@ truth or dare

Another man's child. So is Emily suppose to pretend like Ricky is still alive, or that they were married, and she can't have anyone else. Emily didn't vilify anyone, she just wanted a dad for your daughter. Who she sleeps with is not your business. That statement shows your own bitterness against women.


Let;s see ... Her fiancee didn't marru her even though she was pregnant with his child... Brad Womack and her split,,, Now she is split with Jef . Anyone ever come up with the idea she is hard to live with, conceited and wants all the attention . She was really upset about leaving her daughter but it sure doesn't seem to bother her near as much as she lets on . Let's face it , she keeps leaving her. And with her looks and money , why can't she get a man the regular way ? Just Saying !

@ em

You're pathetic. She found out she was pregnant after her fiancé died.

@ Sam

Well I liked Emily right away on Brads show
I was so happy when he picked her
Turns out he was not what she thought
I can understand that
Then she picked Jef and i was so happy for them both i thought they are both so sweet what a nice couple
And now he is not what she though also???
I have to say i am having my doubs about her too now
If anything finfing her soul mate this way does not work for her
I think a 3rd time is crazy and not fair to Ricky
She should me a guy and date without tv and newspapers watching


his ANAL pleasures with various boy's around town broke them up, folks!!


Yes, Jef is the fame hungry one, even though Emily is trying to film her third installment of the show... ...that makes total sense.

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