Emily Maynard to Star as The Bachelorette AGAIN?

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Is ABC eyeing a possible return engagement (pun intended) for Emily Maynard on The Bachelorette? Maybe the third time's the charm for the Southern Belle ...

According to reports, producers want her to come back next season, just days after she confirmed her breakup with Jef Holm, her final rose recipient this year.

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Who knows if this is legit or whether she'd have any interest, but that's the rumor.

“Emily’s ratings were huge and the producers know she is incredibly popular so they are talking with her about coming back for another try,” a source teases.

“ABC loves Emily, there are tons of Emily fans and the producers think it'd be an amazing twist that would really get people watching, even if it is haters."

“Even though she has been burned twice, they know it will be ratings gold and they know that she really likes being on TV and actually has fun on the show.”

Emily Maynard got engaged to Brad Womack on The Bachelor, but that relationship fizzled fast; things with Jef fell apart almost as quickly and she is single once again.

One of the men she rejected this summer, Sean Lowe, will dole out the roses as The Bachelor in January. Will Emily follow with her second Bachelorette stint in May?

What do you think: Should Emily be The Bachelorette again?


oh please no more emily enough is enough i wish she would think of her child more than put her through all these useless men what message does that say to a young girl when mum only trades on her looks. Dear Hendricks family this young child is going to need help please with the money that ricky left help this child because her mother obviously cant

Melody patterson

I thought she cared so much for her daughter? Then why is she never with her?? Yes, I live in Charlotte too!

Melody patterson



put Emily on Bachalor Pad where she has to fight for attention instead of being put on a pedestal. I believe the sweet little southern girl she pretends to be would go by the wayside quickly. She would be swearing, scratching, hair pulling and eye goughing at it's best. Now that would be a show I would watch!!!!!!!!

@ Kat

Ha Ha totally agree

Melody patterson
@ Kat

Yes...great idea. She wouldn't get along with the other women because they'd knock her off her pedestal!!!!


god if she really cared so much about her daughter, she wouldn't have gone on the bachelor and especially the bachelorette


If Emily is the next batcherette, I will not watch it. She is disgusting{:::


Let someone else get a shot at being the Bachelorette! Emily needs to stop focusing on her appearance and publicity and instead put more focus on the child she has. Doesn't she think this is gonna affect her daughter even more by hopping from ex-finances! For all I know Sean seemed more genuine to her but shes always blinded by the wrong men.
(Jef strikes out, who's next...)


Get Jef as bachelor
rachel trueheart. Bachelorette
emly can do Bach pad


If the ABC Producers are so h*ll bent on returning her to TV they could sign her to be on "Dancing With the Stars"...that is if she is intelligent enough to remember the dance routines.


I think Chris Harris has a crush on her.

@ fran burg

Then let him date her and SPARE US!

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