Emily Maynard: Miserable, "Dying" in Jef Holm Relationship, Sources Claim

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Emily Maynard said her breakup with Jef Holm was "difficult and heartbreaking" in a statement this week. Sources close to The Bachelorette star say it was anything but.

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"Emily just decided she'd had enough," a source said, adding that she "was extremely miserable, and at her breaking point" toward the end of the relationship.

"She was like 'I'm dying here, I'm dying here' ... just over it. Enough was enough."

While Bachelorette relationships rarely work out, fans had high hopes for these two, given the apparent depth of their connection. So what went wrong, and so fast?

Emily had obvious chemistry with her other two finalists - including current Bachelor-in-waiting Sean Lowe - but opted for Jef with the bigger picture in mind.

Yet, a source close to Jef, who Emily Maynard chose over Lowe and Arie Luyendyk Jr., said his desire to be a father figure to her daughter Ricki deflated over time.

"He has no real connection to Ricki … he doesn't feel close to her," the source said, adding Jef thought Emily was an absentee parent, often calling her a "bad mom."

In addition, Emily receiving filthy texts from NFL backup Matt Leinart further eroded their love, as did her behavior at an August 4 wedding for a Bachelor staff member.

"She was being very flirty," a guest said, and Jef was "brooding."

An insider said Emily Maynard's "goody-goody Southern Belle" demeanor is just for the cameras: "She flirts with other guys to help her ego. She gets off on it."

Emily, meanwhile, felt Jef wasn't mature enough to handle a relationship.

Whatever their reasons, Emily and Jef split up earlier this month, then gradually laid the foundation for the public announcement of the breakup and confirmed it Tuesday.


PLEASE!!!! I guess missing him when she went to take a dump was all lies! This woman thinks her Shitaki doesn't stink! What a gold digger! She picked the wealthiest man out of the bunch and still couldn't make it work! Enjoy your sexting with the runner-up quarterback because he'll use you just for sex. You're getting Kristin Cavalarri's leftovers because you're really a fame whore and looking for a rich man to take care of you like your deceased boyfriend's family the Hendricks take care of you and your daughter now. Grow up, get a job like the rest of us, and quit mooching off other people's money!!!


Good grief...DO NOT allow Emily to come back again as the Bachelorette. She is phoney all the way around....and a HUGE gold digger....She isnt happy to live off the gravy train she has been on for years.....I am glad that Brad and Jef got away from her.....The problem is Emily and that spoiled brat she is raising to be just like her. Enough is enough of this high maintenance phony....Sweet southern belle...BS

@ Misty

Do not pick on the child
Why call her a spolied brat
She is a very respectable poliet child
Do not take you anger at her mom on her
She did not asked to be brought into this
Leave her out of it


Emily seems to lead quite a boring life. She is interested in herself, her daughter, money, clothes, jewelry, media attention and having babies. Last season was boring--it was like she the employer and she was taking applications to see who the father of Ricki's sibling would be. She and Ricki would always come first; and the person who she chose would have to have a lot of money--a lot more than she got from the Hendricks. Jef was the richest one there but her eyes were on Chris Harrison. And apparently Chris was also smitten by Emily.


Let's face it, SHE went for the trips, the clothes, the adventure -period! Jef never had a chance, neither would Sean or Arie. She's in love with HERSELF..... why is this show still on? It's a farce.

@ Mrs. Brace

The rumor is that the Bachelorette has already contacted her to offer her boatloads of money if she will come back for the third time. They say that the viewers just loved Emily. More likely it was either Chris Harrison or Michael Fleiss, both of whom got divorces recently. Viewers thought she was a spoiled little rich girl who is spoiled by Rick Hendrick's family. Emily will never love anyone as much as she loves herself and her daughter and money. Kind of like Sarah Palin--the more attention she gets, the more celebrity status she starts craving and why not run for VP and start offering her opinion on all the world happenings? Emily is turning into a fame whore and trying to set her daughter up to be the next Bristol. Why not go for Dancing with the Stars?

@ Tapper

Do you really think that she is intelligent enough to remember the dance routines?


She picked the wrong guy. Arie is better for her....He's more mature and you could SEE he was madly in love w her. Jef was a kid...I couldn't see him committing very long. Idk what it is...but I felt so disappointed when she picked him. Arie would have been sweet to her. Emily isn't soooo perfect though...and who knows what she did to contribute to the breakup. BAD MATCH. Arie! Arie! Arie!!


Probably some truth to the sexting story and she knew it was always hanging over her head. In CA, Jef went to DWTS with Arie...guessing Arie confirmed rumors Emily spent the night with him in the fantasy suite...and from then you could see the distance between them. Shame about her fiance', a terrible thing but if she wasn't living indirectly off her daughter's wealth, she might have been forced to be a real woman.. not so spoiled and boring. She let Jef into Ricki's life so I'm thinking it wasn't her who had enough. He's just a gentlemen to let her let the public think that. Just sayin....


she is so fake and clearly very narcissistic. so over her and her dumb love life.


What makes Jef such an expert on parenting.???? An absentee Mom..??? Didn't Jef say in another article that Emily never did want to go out anywhere.??? Make up your mind Jef. I liked Jef but if he is actually saying these this about Emily then I'm so happy she dumped this sorry excuse for a man. What gives him the right to date Emily for a couple of months then feel it's his duty to criticize her on her parenting skills. See why him and Arie got along.????? Little boys still trying to be men.

@ Marilyn Snow

Emily clearly wants to be treated like a Princess. It looks like she measured each Bachelor's wallet and decided that Jef had the most money and that she could give up the life paid for by her boy friend's rich parents. She has never had to have a job--never got an education-and she has become very rich. It is hard for her to meet guys who will still let her live like a Princess--but if there was any inkling of troubles in Paradise, why oh why would she have Jef coach her daughter's soccer team. Why would she have him go to school on parent's night and let him wear the name tag as Ricki's dad? Only hope that Jef didn't sign a long list on his rental house but it sounds like his brother doesn't think Jef is as great as Jef thinks. Why did they make it look like Jef's brother was lying about Emily's texting.

@ Bailee

this is my wild guess. Jeff is in it for the puplicity for People Water Company, and Emily is in it for the fame. I don't blame her, she is gorgeous, and if she can be famous and have a reality show.. I said go for it. At least she is not famous for having a sex taped released. Right off the batch I know this couple is not gonna last when the tale tale sign of " his parents were not present on his hometown date". When the brother went US magazine to spill the bean about the sexting (and I doubted very much if there is any truth to it). It confirmed my believe that this union isn't gonna last long.

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