Amber Portwood on Prison: I Miss My Family, Starbucks

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Prison life is hard to adjust to.


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    well it give you time to think of what means so much to you..noe that u are lock up ..u never know what u hade up till u lost it..


    Wow what a selfish B###H, she misses her car and music but nothing about her daughter. This Trash is a waste of O2 and thought prisn is better then rehab. I hope Gary gets full custody of that Poor little girl because that trash deserves nothing more then prison. White Trash Sociopath who thinks prison would be a good time and a break from real life. I hope She never gets out. Trash Trash Trash, I feel so sorry for Leah that poor littlegirl. to have trash like thT as a mother. I agree Gary needs to get FAR away from Her and leave that garbage alone.


    TRASH! I really hope her parental rights are terminated. This little girl has some serious issues and I hope, at some point in her life, she's able to face and deal with those issues. However, her innocent daughter should not be subject to her "mother's" lifestyle choices. I hope Amber will back away & let her daughter have an opportunity at some sort of "normal" life. Amber, do one unselfish thing for your daughter...let go and walk away! You give all moms a bad name!!!


    OUt of all the things, she never once said she misssses her daughter once, she misses driving and stsrbucks and music all over her daughter, she doesnt deserve her daughter or gary shirleys emotionanol support. Id cut contact from thst duumb bitch, move away and never tell her where im going.


    im disgusted at this poor excuse for a mother and female... not much to say other than I pray for that little girl and thankfully she has a daddy who loves her.


    yep, with Starbucks I can agree.

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