Thomas Beatie: Dating Amber Nicholas, Hoping for Fourth Child

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Thomas Beatie is hoping to support the pregnant woman this time around.

The 38-year old - who first made headlines in 2007 after undergoing transgender surgery, yet preserving the organs needed to give birth - split from his wife in April of this year and is now dating someone named Amber Nicholas.

And he tells The Sunday Mirror that he wants to have another child, with one major catch:

Thomas Beatie Pregnant Picture

"Being pregnant is the most incredible experience," Beatie says to the newspaper. "But we want Amber to do it this time around. I think it would be amazing to experience pregnancy as the father."

While married to ex-wife Nancy, Thomas gave birth to three children. And he's not against trying for another, even if it means defying doctor's orders.

“My surgeon has advised against me getting pregnant because it would be a lot ­harder now I’m ­biologically a man," Beatie says, adding that he would need to go with a ­caesarian delivery "but I’d willingly do it to have ­another bundle of joy" if that's how Amber prefers it.


Those poor kids. Whole thing is so wrong on so many levels. No matter what he-she or anyone says its just wrong.


Actually, he has a penis now, which is why he no longer has the"part" to deliver, hence the necessity to have c section in the event of another pregnancy.


I totally agree @Miho. It is ridiculous to say some one is a man if they have a vagina and can get pregnant and carry the baby.


I'm sorry to have to say this, but Thomas IS NOT A MAN!! She has ovaries, fallopian tubes, a cervix and a vagina! Those are the main characteristics of a FEMALE!!! So, all of this pregnant man B.S. is just that: BULL SHIT!!! Sure, she got her breasts removed and went through HRT, but as long as she has a vagina, she is STILL A WOMAN!!!!


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