Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie and Wife: Separated!

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Thomas Beatie - known around the country at The Pregnant Man because he's undergone numerous gender reassignment procedures, yet has also given birth on two occasions - revealed this week that he and wife Nancy are separated.

Thomas Beatie, Wife

Beatie made the announcement during a taped interview on the syndicated TV show The Doctors. It will air May 9.

"Like all marriages, we have our ups and downs, and we're going through a rough patch right now. At the moment, we're separated," Beatie says on the series.

The couple rose to prominence in 2007 after Thomas legally changed his status to male... and then became pregnant. He recently completed the transformation, adding during the interview that the final surgery was a success, not that his wife would know it.

"Nancy hasn't seen the new me yet," says the 38-year old.


He has the right to change his gender, just as does everyone else does from changing their hair color. Who is anyone to judge the decissions he has made, Its his life..and if it makes him happy then be happy for him.


He is just plain stupid, God knew what he was doing when he made you as a female, why change that?, are you trying to teach God his work?


Jesus is comming soon.


So amazing!


I've heard of him, read the aricle the paper had on him. He and his wife were on tyra before. They have a girl and a boy. "He" got pregnant before her uterus was removed using his wife's eggs and invetro using a sperm donors sperm.


I never heard of this "man" before how did he get pregnant? Did he sleep with another man? I guess i have to watch The Docters on May 9th.

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