Matt Lauer on Al Roker Shenanigans, Today Show Ratings: No Worries!

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Matt Lauer may have signed an 11-figure deal to remain lead anchor on The Today Show earlier this summer, but it's been anything but smooth sailing for the reporter since.

Many blame Lauer for the Ann Curry mess. The program is now regular destroyed by Good Morning America in the ratings. Al Roker appears to be poking fun at his coworkers on a regular basis.

And, yesterday, Today chose to air an interview with Kris Jenner instead of observing a 9/11-based moment of silence.

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Where is Lauer's head these days as a result of such developments?

He tells TMZ that there's no beef with Roker and, sure, there's pressure for the show to succeed. But no more than usual

"We feel the heat every day," Lauer says. "But we have for the last 20 years that I've been there. We're just trying to do the best show we can do every single day ... and I think we're doing a good job right now ... and I think the cycle will reverse."

Are you still watching The Today Show?


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I have watched the today show every morning for a while now, but recently stopped watching it because of Matt Lauer!! He is sarcastic and rude many times and I don't enjoy this show due to him. Wish he would be replaced, he is very arrogant and that's not what America wants to see. He needs to learn humility. He is Blessed to have such a job buy he acts as if he is on top of the world and above others!!! NOT COOL.... I also dont like how he pushes his political views so much!! He is very obviously democratic/liberal and I'm a republican and don't want to hear his disrespectful, rude comments towards conservatives.


KUDOS to Ann, she is far more important in the interviewing rolls she has taken on since "Today" than any of the "Today Show" content has to offer and has introduced far MORE important content than any of the fluffy unimportant rest of the crew (Matt, etc - excluding Al) on the wannabeTodayShow!! Seriously - THEY WERE ALL GONE YESTERDAY!!!


I used to watch the Today show like an addiction, but I made a conscious effort to boycott the show after Ann Curry was fired. I always thought that Matt Lauer was an egoistical fart, but I loved the rest of the cast such as Meredith, Al and Ann. I have turned to ABC and I am also glad to see Amy Robach there...I always liked her too. Please get rid of Matt..his political interviews are like an attack dog and there is no secret what his politicl alliances are...which a good journalist does not allow to show Lester Holt.


Disrespecting 9-11 ceremonies and airing the kardashians instead was the last stance for me.


Another selfish white man thinking of his own gain and wealth and saying f you to the women and ethnicity of America.


Louis: you must have missed the months prior to Anne's demeaning, humiliating and cruel departure - because theToday show lacked any sense of class or respect for a truly good journalist and person. Lauer was the #1 person responsible for the incessant rumors and demeaning tactics. It can be verified by anyone behind the scenes and Al Roker's comments on air. He doesn't have an ounce of class left in him - and he also doesn't want anyone to know that he doesn't live with his family during the week at his insistence - classy guy?? By continuing to watch Today people endorse their abhorrent behavior. People that have stopped watching are sending a message to NBC and Comcast that can't be ignored for much longer.


Ann was the main reason I watched Today. She was the best thing they had going for them. Get Matt off, put Lester Holt and Ann as Anchor and Co-Anchor and I would come back. Actually I'm really liking GMA. Maybe they can find a place for Ann!! That would be GREAT!! Now that Sharon Osborne is gone from AGT (due to more NBC blunders) there's no reason to have NBC on my TV at all. I'm going to boycott . . . because I can!


Bring Ann Curry back. The show does not feel the same without her. No one wants to watch a person get treated the way she did. The today show is not going to be supported by viewers who witnessed this travesty. The today show gives most of us a bad feeling. Too bad they had to do a crazy thing like that for the whole world to see.


Ann Curry was abused worse then the school bus aid. You all cannot buy back her emotional turmoil you stole from her during that painful week. You should apologize to all of us. I am one of those who did move on to another morning show. I am glad I have too. It makes my morning much lighter and all the happier. I am even counting my blessings, again.


The Today show is no longer my morning show since Ann was fire. I want to hear the news not gigles. CBS is my morning now.